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What criteria are used to determine the level that the miradry is set on?

Hi, I'm a physician using miradry, and I was wondering the above. Do you think that the sweatglands in the skin are located at different depths? Do... READ MORE

Is second Miradry treatment going to make a difference?

I had the Miradry done about a week ago. I've seen quite a few reviews where people said their sweating had stopped completely. Mine didn't. I still... READ MORE

Does MiraDry really work for permanently eliminating underarm odor?

Does MiraDry really work for permanently eliminating underarm odor? How many treatments are needed to see permanent results? READ MORE

I had my second miradry session four days ago and I seem to be sweating more than before I had it done?

The first session of miradry was four months ago and from the baseline of sweat I saw about 60-70 percent reduction in sweat! SO GREAT! So I went back... READ MORE

Is the nurse performing my treatment doing it wrong by "pressing" the machine into my body?

From what I've read online, the miraDry system "sucks" the skin in partly to lift it away from underlying structures. My nurse, however, "leans in"... READ MORE

If the procedure is done will the sweating increase in the groin area because it has the same sweat glands as the underarm?

I am asking about the miradry treatment. If the procedure is done will the sweating increase in the groan area because it has the same sweat glands as... READ MORE

is the third Mira Dry Worth it ?

I had two Mira Dry treatment . My second treatment about 4 months ago and sweat came back . after one and half month from the second treatment i... READ MORE

Can you have both miraDry and Botox done (i.e.: one after the other) for axillary hyperhidrosis?

I heard Botox requires multiple sessions and that miraDry works about 80% of the time and may also require additional treatments. Thanks! READ MORE

3rd treatment required or not for miraDry?

Hi, I have done two treatments of miradry for tratment with level 4 and second level 5 and I'm still sweating so if there is any risk of doing 3rd... READ MORE

Why is sweating from temperature increase better but sweating from stress not better after two miradry treatments?

I've had two treatments of miradry on level 5 three months apart. There is marked improvement but it's strang. Then I workout I don't sweat or small... READ MORE

Is bruising down to your elbow normal after MiraDry treatment?

My first Miradry treatment was 2 days ago on level 5. I understand bruising is to be expected by I have purple bruising from my axilla down to my... READ MORE

Am 31 from Liberia suffering from excessive under arm sweating. (photo)

Am 31from Liberia suffering excessive under arm sweating how can r get treatment from abroad because the no doctor in my country to it READ MORE

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