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Is MiraDry Really a Safe Treatment for Hyperhidrosis?

Will the microwave energy in the MiraDry system destroy the fat as well as the eccrine glands, leaving one with "crepey" loose skin in the... READ MORE

How can miradry be safe for hydrosis if it is?

If the miradry procedure uses microwave energy which is radiation, to kill the sweat glands in the armpits, how is this safe? How do they know this... READ MORE

How Do I Treat Hyperhidrosis Safely?

I've been dealing with excessive sweating from my underarms for over 6 years now to the point I wear a jacket every single day no matter how hot it is... READ MORE

Miradry. Can it cause damage to nerves and lymph nodes?

An ad cites the safety of MiraDry on the basis that the microwaves only attack water and since the sweat glands have water and not the nerves and... READ MORE

Is it safe to have second treatment with level 5?

Dear Doctor: I had a first treatment of Miradry about a month ago. I still have a little wet or moist on a hot day. I would like to do a second... READ MORE

Would MiraDry or any anesthesia have an affect on breastmilk/breastmilk production?

I suffer from daily cases of underarm odor. I have changed my diet, tried Botox, and used a variety of deodorants/antiperspirants. To no avail, I... READ MORE

How can I end my excessive underarm sweating?

The excessive sweating started suddenly 2 yrs ago, before that i had no problems.Now its so embarassing i can only wear dark shirts so stains wont... READ MORE

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