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Will Miradry Increase my Risk of Cancer?

I am 31 years old and have had axillary hyperhidrosis since the age of 13. I have used CertainDri (which sometimes works, but causes intense burning... READ MORE

Is There a Risk of Having a person Skin Burnt by miraDry?

If a person has sensitive skin. Since it uses microwaves could it  burn their skin. Have you seen this happen or is it a non-concern? READ MORE

Can this procedure cause cancer or other health issues?

When I think of armpits I think of lymph nodes, I would love to get this procedure but am very worried 10 years down the road that they will discover... READ MORE

Is there a permanent treatment for excessive sweating of the palms?

Is there a permanent treatment for excessive sweating of the palms (and feet)? What are the risks? And how long is recovery? Thank you so much Doctors. READ MORE

Is there harm in getting the second treatment if you still have tenderness in the arm area?

I had the miradry treatment two months ago. I have seen about 80-85% reduction in sweating. While I'm pleased with the results, I do plan to go back... READ MORE

Risks for going to Level 4 or Level 5 instead of Level 3.

Hi docs. I have suffered from hyperhydrosis and subsequent body odor for over 20 years. It is a daily struggle. It sounds like Level 3 is the standard... READ MORE

Is it safe to undergo MiraDry treatment while breastfeeding? I also have breast implants. Will that cause problems?

Since I discovered Miradry, I finally have hope that I can get my life back. I've tried every deo, soap, etc, but I smell as soon as I get out of the... READ MORE

Miradry Second Treatment Wait Time Question.

Why is it recommended to wait 3 months before your 2nd treatment? I didn't have the best results from my 1st so I didn't want to risk spending another... READ MORE

What are the chances of miraDry not working?

I have read many reviews about people getting miradry done and start sweating a few months to a year later. I read once the sweat gland are destroyed... READ MORE

Is having a 4th treatment safe and reasonable? (Photo)

Hello, I've already undergone 3 treatments (where I think only on the 3rd treatment the highest energy level was used) and am approximately 6 months... READ MORE

Is Miradry safe to try if I haven't been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis?

Is miradry safe if I sweat more than I like but have not officially been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis? READ MORE

Can I fly same day after miraDry Treatment?

I am planning to fly same day after a Miradry treatment. Is that possible? I am planning to have the procedure done either one day before or the same... READ MORE

3rd treatment required or not for miraDry?

Hi, I have done two treatments of miradry for tratment with level 4 and second level 5 and I'm still sweating so if there is any risk of doing 3rd... READ MORE

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