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Will Miradry Successfully Treat Severe Compensatory Sweating Caused by ETS?

I'm a 30 year old female and I've had ETS done in 1999 for palmar hyperhidrosis. Now my hands and face don't sweat, but literally every other part of... READ MORE

Miradry for Severe Bromhidrosis?

I have severe Bromhidrosis and I do not have Hyperhidrosis. I been having this condition since I was 12. So far Secret Clinical Strength deodrant... READ MORE

Strong Armpit Odor Surprisingly Not Bacteria Related Can Miradry Help?

Hi. I know it's my appocrine glands giving me problems but unlike most people with this issue I don't sweat. Also I feel my problem isn't bacteria... READ MORE

My Question is Regarding Miradry. Odor is More my Problem than Sweat. Will This Procedure Help?

Will this reduce or eliminate the oder? My shirts are so hard to wash because I use deoderant to mask the oder. I am 16 years old. I exfoliate, shave... READ MORE

Can Miradry Be Used to Treat Hyperhidrosis on Body Parts Other Than the Auxiliary Area?

I am suffering from compensatory sweating after going through ETS in 2011. Can Miradry be used to treat hyperhidrosis on body parts other than the... READ MORE

Will Miradry Work for Me if Subdermal Laser Ablation and Suction Curettage Didn't?

Almost a year ago, I had sub dermal laser ablation and suction curettage done on both of my armpits twice (the first time the doctor went too deep and... READ MORE

Could Miradry Work for Hydradenitis?

I have had this condition for over 20 years and am at the point where antibiotics don't work that well. I am allergic to cycline antibiotics and am... READ MORE

Does Miradry Get Rid of Foul Odor Too?

Hi, I'm considering getting Miradry procedure for HH but my pits are really funky too. I've tried clinical strength deodorant, and every deodorant you... READ MORE

Would Miradry Work on the Feet Area?

Would Miradry work for excessive sweating on the feet? If so, how much would it cost and how long would it last? READ MORE

Is level 5 for miraDry the standard now for treatment?

I have been researching getting Miradry for my underarm hyperhydrosis and found this website. i read in some of the reviews that level 5 is now the... READ MORE

Will Miradry Be Effective For Bromhidrosis if Retromermal Curettage Was Only Partially Successful?

About 6 months ago I underwent retromerdermal curettage after failed attempts with Botox, prescriptions and oral medications for my bromhidrosis. One... READ MORE

Eccrine glands vs. apocrine glands with MiraDry treatment. Does MiraDry work on stress sweaters?

I sweat due to stress, anxiety, hunger and sleepiness. Stress sweat comes from the apocrine glands. MiraDry targets the other sweat glands - the... READ MORE

Will waiting more than 3 months for 2nd Miradry procedure make it less effective?

I'm nearly 4 weeks post-op from my 1st Miradry procedure and just starting to notice a bit of sweat returning. I've been trying to use natural... READ MORE

Miradry on buttocks?

I sweat profusely in my buttocks area. The worst is the creases where my cheeks meet my thighs. Can miradry be used in this area effectively? I had... READ MORE

Would this kind of treatment work in the groin area?

I sweat excessively at times in the groin are. What treatment options are available at this time. Thank you for your helpl READ MORE

Miradry Second Treatment Wait Time Question.

Why is it recommended to wait 3 months before your 2nd treatment? I didn't have the best results from my 1st so I didn't want to risk spending another... READ MORE

Is Maxim a Good Product for Excessive Sweating?

I am 20 years old young boy and I am suffer from excessive sweating problem. I don't like the any type surgery, so I have search a maxim product for... READ MORE

Can MiraDry destroy sebaceous glands in the armpit?

I don't sweat at all but my armpits do start smelling 10 mins after I step out of the shower. I've done research and it seems like odor is caused by... READ MORE

Would a marathon runner benefit from MiraDry?

Answers re: MiraDry are along the lines that underarm glands are only 2% of the body's sweat glands and therefore no problem in destroying them. Hmm.... READ MORE

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