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5 Weeks Post Op of a Mini Tummy Tuck. Why is the Area Beneath My Navel Numb?

Why is the area beneath my navel numb and is this permanent? Why is the area above my navel (my entire upper abdomen big as if I never received a TT?... READ MORE

Recurring Swelling 5 Months Post Mini Tummy Tuck

I have recurring swelling in my lower abdomen 5 months after mini tummy tuck surgery (it had actually gotten pretty flat, and then this week it became... READ MORE

Lost Sensation in Belly Button?

I have had ticklish sensation in my belly button previously and i have lost it completely now. Am 24,female and still unmarried. Is it because of... READ MORE

6 months post op Mini Tummy Tuck- why am I still numb and swollen from my naval to my scar? (photo)

Pre-surgery my stomach was almost flat when I sucked in. Now I have this big pouch above my scar. It's mostly numb and partially painful to the touch... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Be Numb and Swollen After a Abdominal Liposuction 4 Months Ago?

I had a liposuction 4 months ago in 10 areas .i had a mini tumy tuck also. my belly does not look flat because i still have a prominent bump in the... READ MORE

I had a Mini Tummy Tuck 12 days ago, is it normal for my stomach to be numb?

The center of my stomach is numb, like I feel like I could get a shot there and not feel it. The sides seem to have normal sensation but the center is... READ MORE

I got a mini tummy tuck and an internal corset over a year ago. (photos)

Can you reverse an internal corset?  I hate the way it feels. I'm numb and have pain all the way down & its irritating. Is it possible to... READ MORE

I had a Mini Tummy Tuck and lipo to flanks and thighs. Any suggestions?

I am on day 6 past surgery and have black n blue bruising and numbness all over the area on back of lipo...........should I still be numb and in pain?... READ MORE

Motor vehicular accident 5 days po TT. What should I look for, as a result of this impact?

Today, the vehicle I was riding in was sideswiped by a motorist. I captured the license plate number. When my driver was able to pull over, he showed... READ MORE

I had a mini tummy tuck in December and I still have numbness in my abdominal area.

Is this normal? How long before the numbness goes away? Thank you. READ MORE

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