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Worried About Lumpy Tummy and Excess Skin After Tummy Tuck with Liposuction

I am having a mini tummy tuck with lower ab tightening and lipo of the rest of my abdomen, I am super worried I will end up lumpy of with loose skin... READ MORE

Hard Lump Near Scar 2 Weeks Post-op Mini Tummy Tuck / Lipo

Had Lipo and Mini Tt 2 Weeks Ago. I Feel a Hard Lump on Y Rght Side Near my Scar..not Pain Discomfort. ? READ MORE

I Went Back and my Doctor Said I Needed a Full. I Have Cried Everyday Since. What's Going on with It? (photo)

I am distraught. Stomach pains. Hard lump above belly button where my stomach needed to get pumped of blood. The belly button is somewhere on the let... READ MORE

Stomach Still Tender 9 Weeks After Mini Tummy Tuck

I had a mini tummy tuck with liposuction (no muscle repair and had a drain in for a week and a half) about 9 weeks ago and my stomach is still tender... READ MORE

1 Year After Mini TT I Have Loose Skin and Lumpiness, Is this Due to Over Liposuctioning?

In addition to tuck, lipo was preformed although not sure it should have been as I was NOT over weight. I am 5'4 114 lbs and mostly was concerned... READ MORE

A Hard Lump by Mini Tummy Tuck Scare?

I had a mini tummy tuck and lipo done in Dec. of 2011. I went to see my PS last week and he doesn't seem worried, said its not fluid , it is hard... READ MORE

After fat transfer/liposuction, what to do now? 1 lipo revision, post op 4 months. Do I need a mini TT now? New dr? (Photos)

I started with a nice tummy. After fat transfer/lipo to breast that ended unnecessary. I'm left with lumps and bumps. Even after a lipo revision 4... READ MORE

18 months post op Mini Tummy Tuck. Can I fix this? (photos)

I had a mini tummy tuck 18 months ago with lipo to my whole abdomen. a month ago I went back to have touch up lipo and fat graft to try smooth out... READ MORE

Do you need drains when having a mini tummy tuck? And in what circumstances do you not need any? (Photo)

. I did not have any drains out in by my doctor. After surgery I felt like I was 9 months pregnant. The swelling would go down only very minimal but... READ MORE

Had mini tummy tuck with liposuction 5 days ago. My lower belly is swollen, uneven with very hard lumps. Is this normal? (Photo)

I did breast lift and aug at the same time so my dr decided not to put a drain due to potential infection getting to my breasts. My stomach has gotten... READ MORE

Do I need liposuction or a mini tummy tuck with Liposuction? (photos)

Have 3 kids all c-sections the gap between the second and last is almost 5 years then I had my last child who is now 4years old I want a flat tummy no... READ MORE

Why is there a lump around belly button? (photo)

I have a hard lump right above and around my belly button. I expected it to go away by now. It's been a year exactly since my mini tummy tuck. READ MORE

Is it too early to have a mini tummy tuck? I had lipo on my belly 6 weeks ago.

I had a Lipo on my belly last year in September. My belly was wrinkled (like if the skin was attached to a hard lump) and I had some hard visible... READ MORE

3 wks PO: I had mini tuck using prev csection scar. I have this awful abdominal fold under breast now? It's a hard lump. (photo)

What is this? Will this go away? Do I need revision? How much time should I give this problem? Does this happen to other patients? I Had this 4 days... READ MORE

Lump after mini tummy tuck with lipo, 3 months post op? What what can be done to fix this? (photo)

Hi, I had a mini tummy tuck with lipo 3 months ago by a surgeon I completely trust and has outstanding reviews. however, this is my belly 3 months... READ MORE

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