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Lip over Incision 5 Weeks Post Mini TT -Seroma Removed 2x. Is the Swelling and Lip Ever Going to Resolve? (photo)

Mini TT w/lipo in the flanks 5 wks ago. Drain removed 1-wk post op, seroma developed. PS aspirated the seroma on multiple occasions successfully. 3rd... READ MORE

Mini TT & Lipo Seroma. Can I Get it Aspirated By Any Doctor?

Hello, I had a Mini TT & a lipo a few weeks ago. I love the results but I think I have developed a Seroma. The surgery was performed outside of... READ MORE

Mini TT with Lipo is Now Infected?

Hi doctors, it's been 4.5 weeks since my mini TT with flank and belly lipo. I developed a seroma which they have been performing serial aspiration... READ MORE

Still hard mass/please see previous questions

I posted a few weeks ago about my large hard 10cm mass just above my tummy after a mini tuck(operated on 14th October 14). My surgeon eventually... READ MORE

4 weeks post op, mini tummy tuck. 4 x aspiration of Seroma with unhelpful Surgeon and less that great post op care. What to do?

I had a drain in for 8 days. Then had and aspiration a week after that, only 20ml. 2nd one only 30mls. 3rd 60mls and another today of 70ml all roughly... READ MORE

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