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Can You Get a Mini Tummy Tuck Without a Huge Scar? (photo)

I see the before and after from the tummy tucks people post and they are scary! I am not that big, but have loose skin after weight loss. I have tried... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for a Mini Abdominoplasty?

I'm 5'10, 174 lbs, in great shape. 2-3 years ago, I experienced a dramatic weight loss. I weighed 220 and went all the way down to now, 174.... READ MORE

Best Way to Get Rid of Loose Skin Around Belly Button?

I lost about 60lbs that was gained due to a hormone imbalance at 13 yes old. I'm now 29 and am at a size 6-8 and about 25% body fat. Since I lost the... READ MORE

How Much Does a Mini Tummy Tuck, Skin Only Cost - All Inclusive in the Phila Suburban Area?

My daughter who is in her 20's lost about 50 lbs about 4 years ago and has stayed extremely active, exercising daily. The only problem area is her... READ MORE

Full TT and mini TT. My stomach was very flat after both TTs, but now I look 4 mos pregnant? (photo)

Lost 70lb after Full so had mini? After weight loss, I had 5lb baby (C-section), gained 25 during pregnancy and lost by 6 weeks PP. 2 years after baby... READ MORE

Insurance is Covering TT After Weight Loss. What is the Difference Between a Mini Abdominoplasty vs Panniculectomy?

I have lost over 100. I had my PCP submit for med review to my insurance to see if they would cover a tummy tuck. I got approval! My question, what's... READ MORE

I have a tiny amount of loose skin just above the belly button. What is my best option?

A few years ago I lost a lot of weight at the age of 15 from 14 stone down to 8stone 5 lbs and the skin from under my belly button is loose and has... READ MORE

Tummy tuck? mini-tummy tuck? Please I'm French. (photo)

Hello, you advise(recommend) me a mini-TT or an TT completes? What disturbs me it is the surplus of skin when I bend and I would like that my navel is... READ MORE

Would a Mini Tummy Tuck do anything for me? (Photo)

After losing 37kgs I'am left with 'lose skin' I wouldnt say its saggy but it is enough to be able to pinch and see when I'm bent over. I am a personal... READ MORE

Am I an ideal candidate for a mini tummy tuck? (Photo)

I am a 5'5" 26 year old female. I went from 180 pounds to 115 pounds, which I've been at consistently over a year. Stretch marks do not both me, the... READ MORE

How to Proceed? My Belly Skin is a Buzzkill. (photo)

I lost 100lbs very quickly (naturally) 14 yrs ago. kept it off 10 yrs & wasn't crazy about the skin on my stomach but still rocked a 2 pc w/... READ MORE

I'm 5'3, 29 y.o. female, weighing 132lbs. I have lost about 80lbs over 1.5 yrs. Is a Mini Tummy Tuck the right procedure for me?

 Ideally I would like to lose about 12 more lbs. My area of concern is the dreaded lower belly pooch. I'm too embarrassed to show pics, but it's... READ MORE

Should I get a mini tuck or no surgical alternative? (Photo)

I'm 30, a mom of 4 ages 8, 6, 2, & 10 mos old! In the last 8 months I started my fit journey & Lost 30lbs. I'm petite 5' 1" & 109lbs, 10... READ MORE

Is an umbilical float mini abdominoplasty the best for me? (photos)

I have had 5 kids,2 very large birth weight and have now lost a lot of weight and have loose skin and a bit of an umbilical hernia.My plastic surgeon... READ MORE

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