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Lots of Excess Skin 5 Months Post-Op TT, Should I Have to Pay For Mini TT Revision?

I had a full TT in April of this year. I have some poofy skin above the incision line that I'm not happy with. And a dog ear on my right.It looks... READ MORE

Recurring Swelling 5 Months Post Mini Tummy Tuck

I have recurring swelling in my lower abdomen 5 months after mini tummy tuck surgery (it had actually gotten pretty flat, and then this week it became... READ MORE

Lower Abs Bulging After Mini Tummy Tuck? (photo)

I had lipo 10 yrs ago. loved the results, flat 6 pack abs. over the yrs I gained about 10 pds and the skin around my bellybutton and lower abs started... READ MORE

Is 6 Months Too Soon to Convert a Mini TT to a Full TT?

I had a MTT July 2012, needing more lipo per my surgeon. Several of you guys here said to get a second opinion, which I did, both surgeons I met with... READ MORE

Will Weight Gain Ruin my Mini Tuck Results?

I am 5 months post op from a mini tummy tuck recently I have not be able to got to the gym for about a week and I have gained about 6 pounds. I am... READ MORE

A Hard Lump by Mini Tummy Tuck Scare?

I had a mini tummy tuck and lipo done in Dec. of 2011. I went to see my PS last week and he doesn't seem worried, said its not fluid , it is hard... READ MORE

Could I Still Be Swollen 5 Months After Mini Tummy Tuck with Lipo?

Hi, I had laser lipo in tummy & love handles in May 2012, didn't help. Went back to same doc in SA in Sept 2012 and did a 2nd laser lipo to tummy... READ MORE

Bulge 4.5 months post op? Swelling, fat or final result? (photos)

Immediately after my mini TT (no muscle repair) I was completely flat. I developed a small seroma which has since resolved. Now, I am left with a... READ MORE

Dog ears after mini tummy tuck procedure. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a mini tummy tuck procedure 5 months ago. I was really happy at first but my dog ears is making me a little concern. I also have a bulge in my... READ MORE

Do I need a revision/redo of my mini-tummy tuck? I'm at the 5 month mark (Photo)

I had a mini tuck in May 2015 - the surgeon recommended a mini. I also had a hernia repair at the same time. I'm at the 5 month mark and I am shocked... READ MORE

Do I need revision tummy tuck or is this a good result? (Photo)

I'm 5 months nearly post op mini tuck he said I didn't have enough skin for full tuck and that I did not have diastasis of upper belly,only lower.i... READ MORE

I have rippling & uneven skin 5m post mini TT. How can this be corrected? (Photo)

I had a mini TT with muscle repair above and below the BB combined w/ lipo of flanks. (5 months post) I was told that a TT was not indicated. I have... READ MORE

5 months post op of Mini Tummy Tuck, I'm at the same weight/ measurement as before the operation. Is this normal?

I had a mini tuck at the end of January with lipo. It's now June and I'm at the same weight as before the operation AND THE SAME MEASUREMENTS. After... READ MORE

I'm 5 months post mini tummy tuck without muscle repair/ MM. I am still pretty swollen. Is this normal? (Photo)

I go back for my 6 month appointment next month. Do you think I will need correction to my tummy? I just thought I'd be flatter by now. I work out 3-5... READ MORE

Five months after mini TT with lipo, I have swelling, excessive menstrual bleeding, major abdominal pain and bloating. Why?

I am five months from having mini tt with lipo and breast lift. I have abdominal swelling, major abdominal pain and long excessive menstrual bleeding.... READ MORE

I had a mini-tuck done 5 months ago and I still have a slight shelf. Coolsculpting or Vanquish 5 months post tummy tuck? (photo)

It's only really obvious when I bend over. From what I can tell it's mostly excess fat in the lower abdomen. Its not enough fat for the more invasive... READ MORE

Is it normal to be uncomfortable side sleeping 5 mo after a mini TT?

Preop I was always a sidesleeper, but since my surgery 5 months ago I need to wear my compression band to be comfortable on my side. It's a pulling... READ MORE

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