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How Long for Swelling to Go Down After Mini Abdominoplasty?

I had a mini abdominoplasty 9 weeks ago. After the surgery and for the first week my tummy was very flat and I was very happy. Into the 2nd week my... READ MORE

I Still Have a Pouch Under my Belly Button 6 Weeks After Surgery -I Think Somethings Wrong

I had a mini tuck May 20th and developed a sernoma which was aspirated by the doctor - now 6 weeks later I still have this pouch it doesnt even look... READ MORE

Mini Tummy Tuck Scar Tissue - Singulair? (photo)

I am now 9+ weeks post op from modified (mini) tummy tuck. It wasn't a true mini as the doctor repaired the muscles all the way from the top to... READ MORE

9 weeks post-op mini Tummy Tuck & Lipo to abdomen/ flanks, do I still have a lot of swelling or am I gaining weight back?(photo)

I am "bigger" now than I was at 4 weeks post-op. I wear the compression wrap during workouts and it leaves indents around my abdomen and there is... READ MORE

When will this swelling go away? I'm 2 months out and worried I'll need a revision. (Photo)

When will i see the final result of mini tt with lipo bb cut and resutured 2 cm lower. Why us tummy so distorted 2 1/2 months out? Serima? Ps says no.... READ MORE

Stomach Still Tender 9 Weeks After Mini Tummy Tuck

I had a mini tummy tuck with liposuction (no muscle repair and had a drain in for a week and a half) about 9 weeks ago and my stomach is still tender... READ MORE

Was a Mini-tummy Tuck the Best Option for Me?

Currently I am 36 yo and weigh 195 lbs. I lost about 60 pounds and had excess skin and fat that hung over my belt line. I had a modified mini-tummy... READ MORE

Mini TT with muscle repair and lipo - tummy bulge - bloating or inadequate/broken muscle repair?

(Posted end-of-day tummy pics yesterday; here are pics of tummy in the morning) Mini TT w/ muscle repair&lipo on 11/8; flat tummy until 12/6. On 12/6... READ MORE

I Want to Know if the Pain and Feelings I Have After a Mini TT and Lipo Are Normal?

I had a mini tt and lipo 10 wks ago. I have been gently exercising the whole time been feeling great and started to up the intensity of my workouts... READ MORE

Is this my final result? Am I still swollen? If so, how much? I hope it's not my final results! (Photo)

I had a mini tummy tuck, lipo sculpture and fat transfer on March 10th 2015 and I told the Dr I wanted a flat stomach really curvy ,small waist and... READ MORE

2 months post op, why do I have a huge bulge below my belly button after a mini Tummy Tuck? (photos)

I had a laser lipo procedure, was not really happy with the results and decided to have a mini tummy tuck. Its been over 2 months but I still have a... READ MORE

Is it normal to look the same or worse after a mini tummy tuck and liposuction?

I had a mini tummy tuck and lipo 2 months ago. I can still grab handfuls of flab, my waist gained and inch and it's still sagging over my pants and... READ MORE

Do I need a revision for my mini tummy tuck? (photo)

I had a mini TT two months ago. I had very minimal swelling. I wear pants and I still have a bulge over. It's small but I don't feel I should have to... READ MORE

I'm concerned that the swelling will not go away. I've seen no improvement from week 7-9.

I had a mini adominoplasty 9 weeks ago. At the time if the procedure, I was 5'8" 118lbs. Only skin was removed, no lipo. I rested for 8 weeks. I have... READ MORE

Bulge in my lower abdomen after mini tummy tuck. No muscle repair. 7 weeks post op. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

Hello, I am 7 weeks post op. I had a flat stomach before I had the mini tummy tuck, but NOW I have a bulge right over my incision. PLEASE HELP! I am... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for scar revision or a mini tummy tuck? (photos)

I am almost 10 weeks out from a third c section. I went to a new doctor a second time around. He made a new incision about an inch and a half above... READ MORE

Tummy tuck revision (Photo)

Hi . Iam 2 months post op of mini tummy tuck and muscles repair all the way up . When bk to to see my ps today and asked why my belly i not nearly... READ MORE

8 week post op Mini Tummy Tuck, burning pain when coughing on right middle side under belly button. Is this normal?

I have a persistent cough and every time I cough its a burning sensation about 2 inch wide internally. I also feel the same pain at times when having... READ MORE

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