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Hood over Belly Button? (photo)

Had mini tt year ago with floating bb and no moving down of bb so i have a large hood over the top and bottom part is pulled down. did not have a lot... READ MORE

1 Year After Mini TT I Have Loose Skin and Lumpiness, Is this Due to Over Liposuctioning?

In addition to tuck, lipo was preformed although not sure it should have been as I was NOT over weight. I am 5'4 114 lbs and mostly was concerned... READ MORE

Pls Tell Me if This is a Good Mini Tt Result? (photo)

I had a mini tt about a yr ago and wondering if this is how it should look - don't really see muscle tone, but muscles were put back together and... READ MORE

How to fix bad tummy tuck and saggy skin? How to remove the horrible tummy tuck scar? (Photo)

I had a mini tummy tuck done 1 year ago and I am very unhappy with the results. I had a very little loose skin on my stomach, the surgeon convinced me... READ MORE

Full TT and mini TT. My stomach was very flat after both TTs, but now I look 4 mos pregnant? (photo)

Lost 70lb after Full so had mini? After weight loss, I had 5lb baby (C-section), gained 25 during pregnancy and lost by 6 weeks PP. 2 years after baby... READ MORE

I Had a Mini Tummy Tuck a Year Ago but Still Have Very Red Thick Scar?

I had a mini tummy tuck on 09.06.2012 but I still have very red thick scar. I wonder if anything can be done about it. I also exercise 4 times a week... READ MORE

Mini Tummy Tuck 1 Year Post, Needs Fixing? (photo)

Hello - I am 4' 11"/96 lbs. After two c-sections and a 10 lb baby, I wanted to fix the loose skin on my stomach. I was never overweight, worked out... READ MORE

Lipo Only or Full Tt Following a Mini Tt? (photo)

I had a mini tt over a year ago. PS said he would lipo the remaining fat later. I'm at that point now. Will lipo remove the remaining fat bulge... READ MORE

Would a Mini Tummy Tuck Revision help to make my tummy flatter? (Photo)

I had a mini TT 1 year ago to correct an umbilical hernia and muscle separation after my pregnancy. There was no liposuction done or excess skin... READ MORE

Can my Mini Tummy Tuck be improved by revision, floating the umbilicus & can it be done with a local anesthetic?

1 yr ago I had a mini tummy tuck w/muscle repair from sternum to pubis. The incision runs from hip to hip (small dog ears on both ends). My umbilicus... READ MORE

One year after surgery, there is still a huge bulge right above the stitches (Photo)

I had a lipo and what the doctor called a mini tuck. He did the surgery twice since the line was not even the first time. This is now a full year... READ MORE

Can my tummy tuck scar be lowered? Why do I still feel pulling?

I got a "mini" tummy tuck done almost a year ago I'm not a big person and my doctor said it was a very easy fix. I still have pulling sensation I'm... READ MORE

Why is there a lump around belly button? (photo)

I have a hard lump right above and around my belly button. I expected it to go away by now. It's been a year exactly since my mini tummy tuck. READ MORE

Is this a good mini-TT result? (Photos)

I had miniTT with full MR 1 year ago. I'm mostly happy, but have a lot of extra skin that I know would have been addressed with a full TT. Is this... READ MORE

Mini tummy tuck incision line too high 1 year post op - can anything else be done to make it look less visible? (Photo)

Advice please 1 year post mini tt/BA. Is there anything more that can be done to improve the appearance of the tt scar line? I know I'm posting a... READ MORE

I had a mini tummy tuck 09/2014 and have been experiencing problems with extreme tightness. I've addressed this with my surgeon

But he acts like he doesn't understand what I am experiencing it is extremely tight around my navel and in the center of my stomach and my upper... READ MORE

I had a mini tummy tuck almost a year ago. Can the top half that is loose make the bottom half look loose? (Photo)

My skin became loose again. The top half is super loose now making the bottom half look loose. Can the top half that is loose make the bottom half... READ MORE

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