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Facelift/mini Lift or Fillers for 22 Y Old with Sagging? (photo)

I know it sounds crazy, but I am 22 years old and my face is already begging to sag! It is not just volume loss, as I have always been thin and it has... READ MORE

I suffer from an uneven face and sagging skin with fat deposits. I am only 32 and want a mini lift. Please advise. (photos)

Loss of volume is a problem but I also have a lot of lose skin that I can move around the face. Bothering me most is the sagging skin (fat deposits?)... READ MORE

How much would it cost for a mini lift in Los Angeles? (Photo)

I'm a 41 yr old, very active, I have no to little volume on my checks, I also feel as if my face is not symmetrical. I'm searching for a Dr that will... READ MORE

Wondering if I'm a candidate for a mini face lift, SMAS, Mac facelift? (Photos)

I'm 39 and experienced significant weight loss in the past 8 months after a health issue. My skin is very stretchy, the fullness and clear jaw line I... READ MORE

Can I have a mini facelift done? (Photo)

I had ultherapy done 7 months ago. I noticed shortly after I looked older. Can it be volume loss? My face looks droopy and cheeks are falling a bit. I... READ MORE

Dying for mini facelift at 26 (Photo)

Had tons of volume loss in my face in the past 6-7 years. Tried fillers but the only place it helped was the melomental fold (spelling?) around the... READ MORE

Can I get a mini lift at 26? (photo)

I've had lots of volume loss in my face past 5 years. It's left nasolabial folds & saggy cheeks. It bothers me daily and stands in the way of my looks... READ MORE

Is a mini facelift or fillers recommend for a 42 year old who has loss of volume? (Photo)

Hello I'm a 42 year old mother and I have become very self conscious about the sagging of my face around my jaws and the loss of volume in my face... READ MORE

What would be the best option for me to get rid of crows feet and loss of volume? (Photo)

Would like advice on what the best option for facial surgery. My problems are crows feet, loss of volume in cheeks and eyebrows drooping. Considering... READ MORE

What would benefit my face best fillers, Ultherapy or mini facelift?

Hi im 36 and have previously had fillers in my undereyes and cheeks as I have alot of volume loss. This is wearing off and i am looking to get more... READ MORE

Do I go for the mini face and neck lift even though 2 PS said I don't need it? 45, thin, no volume in face. (photo)

Several rounds with a sciton laser may have melted what little flesh I had in my neck leaving a deflated balloon Adam's apple to jaw. In MA and do NOT... READ MORE

Would a mini lift address my jowls & volume loss in shown areas? I only would be able to do local numbing, suggestions (Photo)

Would a mini lift adress my jowls & loss of volume in cheek & under eye area? Also I would be able to do Local numbing. Any suggestions? READ MORE

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