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Results, Recovery, Incisions from Mini Facelift: What to Expect?

What do you think of the lifestyle lift or, for that matter, any minilift, if a person does not require a complete facelift? Is it lasting, and where... READ MORE

What is the Typical Recovery Time of SLUPlift Procedure?

In particular, I am interested in learning the after effects for the feeling in the neck and face areas. Is there a temporary or permanent feeling of... READ MORE

Skin Behind Mini Facelift Scar Looks Odd

I just go a mini face lift and it doesn't look normal? I just got (10 days) and from my ear forward it looks great but from my ear back I have (at... READ MORE

What to Expect from Mini Face Lift and Fat Transfer Recovery Process?

My mom has recently had a mini face lift and fat transfer. She's not very happy with the recovery so far (it's been about 4 days). Her cheeks... READ MORE

What Are Realistic Healing Times for a Combo Brow/bleph/mini Face Lift? I Plan to Go Back to Work After 12 Days.

What are realistic healing times for a combo brow/bleph/mini face lift? I plan to go back to work after 12 days. I'm quite concerned after... READ MORE

When to Have Mini Facelift and Neck Lift After Major Surgery?

Hi doctors, I've been wanting to improve my facial appearance for a while now. I just had major surgery 5 weeks ago (colon resection) and feel... READ MORE

What is the average recovery time for a mini facelift? Within what duration can post-operative complications occur?

I am 38 years and plan to travel to the US for a mini facelift. I need to understand by when is a patient well past the post operative complication... READ MORE

Why Do I Have So Much Numbness Following my Mini Facelift, Implants and Blepharoplasty?

3 weeks ago I had a minilift, mid face implants, upper and lower blepharoplasty and a revision on my nose and I have alot of numbness on the left side... READ MORE

4 days post op CO2, minilift and Bhleroplasty (photos)

Main complaint is earache and tenderness Left side ear , all incisions that side are very painful still. I am being a good patient . Every once in a... READ MORE

Do I have enough time to heal before my son's wedding after a mini face lift?

The mini face lift would be May 23 and my son's wedding is June 19th. I am concerned about swelling, bruising, etc. I am fair-skinned, bruise easily... READ MORE

Mini face lift recovery - kissing

I am considering a mini facelift. How long after a mini facelift can you really kiss your significant other ? How long do the sutures take to safely... READ MORE

Mini lift... fat grafting and upper eye lid surgery recovery. (photos)

I always had the most beautuful complexion and now 6 weeks almost after these procedures I still have these "bruises" OR what is it on my cheeks?... READ MORE

Would a mini lift dramatically improve my profile? (photos)

Hi there! I'm 36, I've lost 75lbs, and my jawline is quickly becoming nonexistent!!! Would a mini lift be enough to give me a dramatic result? I'm... READ MORE

12 days out from a mini lift with a submentoplasty. Would like a second opinion on recovery.

I have lines on the side of my face and still look quite pulled. My doctor said this would go away but I have to return to work and would like a... READ MORE

Recovery after mini lift CO2 and upper eyelid lift

I am 2 days post very hard swelling around incisions going down neck protruding earache havent been able to get off pain meds. Cant ice due to the... READ MORE

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