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How Long Does It Take to Feel "Normal" After a Mini-facelift?

I had a mini-lift six days ago (NOT a "Lifestyle Lift" -- my doctor is a double board certified in Plastic & General Surgery and has been... READ MORE

Why Are My Ears So Swollen And In Pain After Mini Facelift? Looks Like I Have Dumbo Ears? (photo)

Why Are My Ears So Swollen And In Pain After Mini Facelift? Looks Like I Have Dumbo Ears? READ MORE

Pain and Pressure on Tragus After Mini Lift

7 weeks post op mini facelift. the ps made my incision behind my tragus (flap of skin in front of ear canal), which is completely healed. i have... READ MORE

Pain/Swelling Pinna 2.5 Yrs Post Mini Lift?

Had mini-life 2.5 yrs ago. Immed after procedure had pain/swelling/numbness left ear. Didn't improve over considerable time. Time, massage,... READ MORE

Pain/Swelling 2 yrs after mini-lift

Had mini-lift 2 years ago Dec.  Noticed an immediate difference in the discomfort level of the left ear.  Lower 1/3 of ear continues to... READ MORE

Mini facelift recovery- Hypertrophic scarring behind ears with pain

I had a mini facelift about 1 month ago. At week 4 I developed what looks like hypertrophic scars behind both my ears running along the line of the... READ MORE

4 days post op CO2, minilift and Bhleroplasty (photos)

Main complaint is earache and tenderness Left side ear , all incisions that side are very painful still. I am being a good patient . Every once in a... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to have mini lift redone?

Had minifacelift 3 months ago with bad results. One side of face is flatter, lower, and earache on that side with pulling in front of ear with jaw... READ MORE

6 months post Mini Facelift / S Lift with pain in mid face and jaw with pulling sensation towards left ear. HELP NEEDED PLEASE.

I am now 6 months post-op mini/s-lift. I had some frown lines and slight jowls. I didn't have much fat under my skin. Now, persistent pain on the... READ MORE

severe pain 6 months after mini/s-lift. How can I treat it?

Please help. I have a pulling sensation towards Lt .ear with mild swelling beneath. This pain is severe Lt. side mostly. Can't chew, talk a lot, or... READ MORE

New pain and bruising, two weeks post Mini Lift. What could this be? (Photo)

After a pretty uneventful recovery I suddenly have a very tender spot on my cheek bone with bruising. I am 13 days post op. I called my surgeon and I... READ MORE

Question about pre survey medal. Will my prolonged use of the patches cause more bruising after surgery?

I am a gym rat and use pain patches for muscle soreness on a regular basis. They contain topical methyl salicylates. I have a mini lift and neck lift... READ MORE

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