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"Pulling Sensation" and Numbness After Mini-lift?

I had a mini-lift done 3 months ago. Just where the bottom of my earlobes connect to the sides of my face, I feel a "pulling sensation". As... READ MORE

Earlobe & Surrounding Area Numbness, Pulling/tightness Around Ear 11 Weeks Post Mini-lift. Normal?

Had a mini-lower facelift 11 weeks ago from experienced, board certified ps. Still have numbness in both ear lobes and area surrounding ears about 1/4... READ MORE

5 Months After Facelift, What Could Cause Numb Feeling to Come & Go?

Sometimes I could swear the area of numbness in front of both ears is completely gone; at other times it feels numb again. What could cause this... READ MORE

Are Ear Numbness and Pulling Around Ears Normal at 7 Weeks Post-op Mini-facelift?

I had a mini facelift 7 weeks ago. Both my ears (earlobes and area around them) are still numb. There is also very uncomfortable constant pulling... READ MORE

Can a Mini-facelift/chin-lift Cause Any Damage/pressure from Scarring on Eustachian Tubes or Middle Ear?

I had a mini-facelift/chin-lift just over a year ago. Since then I have had numbness, tightness, and a feeling of pressure by and just under my ears.... READ MORE

Pain/Swelling Pinna 2.5 Yrs Post Mini Lift?

Had mini-life 2.5 yrs ago. Immed after procedure had pain/swelling/numbness left ear. Didn't improve over considerable time. Time, massage,... READ MORE

Why Would Feelings of Numbness After Mini-facelift Be Variable from Day-to-day?

I had a mini-lower lift 5 months ago. I still have some numbness just in front of both ears and intermittent tightness along the jaw and neck. The... READ MORE

Plugged Up Feeling in Ear 12 Weeks After Mini-lift. What Can Cause This?

12 weeks post mini-lift, I often have a plugged up feeling in my right ear. No loss of hearing. My GP looked in ear canal & said all was normal... READ MORE

Will my upper lip return to normal after upper Lip & Philtrum Scar Revision , Rhinoplasty and Mini Facelift 6 weeks ago? (photo)

The upper right quadrant of my lip is numb and still swollen. My mouth is being pulled down on the same side , I cannot keep liquids in my mouth... READ MORE

How to Tell if Full Sensation Has Been Restored to Numb Areas After Mini Lower Facelift?

Ear lobes and skin front/back of ears feel kind of numb but when I gently poke the area with a toothpick, I definitely feel sharpness. I can also... READ MORE

Why Do I Have So Much Numbness Following my Mini Facelift, Implants and Blepharoplasty?

3 weeks ago I had a minilift, mid face implants, upper and lower blepharoplasty and a revision on my nose and I have alot of numbness on the left side... READ MORE

5 Months After Mini-lower Lift, Question on Ear Numbness?

In the small area around both ears that had been numb post-op, external sensation now feels pretty normal (i.e., touch, heat/cold, wet/dry,... READ MORE

Increasing Feeling of Numbness 4 Months After Mini-lift?

The area of numbness in front of my ears recently feels as if it's becoming more numb maybe even spreading a bit to surrounding areas. This sensation... READ MORE

What happens to the top layers of the skin around the ears and where the skin has been pulled up and stretched after PS?

I had a lower face and neck lift. My skin is very numb and feels hard and unnatural. It is hard to imagine a natural result at this point. I will sit... READ MORE

Numbing after a mini facelift: I am concerned I'm going to be permanently numb.

I was wondering if numbing around sides of face and all around the whole ear is normal after a mini facelift and a bit of liposuction under the chin?... READ MORE

Numb ears after mini facelift?

I am wondering what nerve or nerves have to be cut to cause numbing of the entire ear after a mini facelift?? I had a mini facelift 5 months ago. I... READ MORE

Considering a mini face lift - concerned about my sensitivity to epinephrine or adrenaline.

During past dental procedures the use of Novocain injections cause my heart to race which is uncomfortable and scary. Are there other safer numbing... READ MORE

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