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How Long Does It Take to Feel "Normal" After a Mini-facelift?

I had a mini-lift six days ago (NOT a "Lifestyle Lift" -- my doctor is a double board certified in Plastic & General Surgery and has been... READ MORE

I Am Very Concerned About Swollen Glands Under Jaw 4months After Mini Facelift?

I had a mini face lift with hammock suspension 4 months ago. I still have very swollen submandibular glands in my neck under my jawline, with the... READ MORE

Are Ear Numbness and Pulling Around Ears Normal at 7 Weeks Post-op Mini-facelift?

I had a mini facelift 7 weeks ago. Both my ears (earlobes and area around them) are still numb. There is also very uncomfortable constant pulling... READ MORE

Why Would my Mini-facelift Scars (Not Keloid) Around Ears Be Getting Worse at 2 Months Out?

They are not becoming keloid, they are getting redder and look "irritated". The skin directly around the scars (front and back) is turning a light... READ MORE

Mini-lift 8 Weeks Post-op Tightness/pulling?

I am almost 8 weeks post-op from mini-lift (NOT a Lifestyle Lift) performed by an experienced board certified PS. Everything looks great but I’m e... READ MORE

Are Extreme Tightness and Discomfort Around Ears 5 Weeks After Mini-facelift Normal?

I had a mini-facelift 5 weeks ago from a board certified ps. Looks great but I'm in pretty much constant discomfort from the tightness/pulling around... READ MORE

Normal To Have Hyper Pigmentation After Mini-facelift? Is It Permanent?

Hello, I had a mini-facelift 10 days ago and have noticed that my lateral cheek skin is darker and patchier than the rest of my face. Is this normal? READ MORE

Had a Mini Lift 1 Weeks Ago And Have A Hardened Large Sore Mass Beneath My Chin. Normal?

Hi. Ihad a Minilift 7 Days Ago and Now Have a Hardened Large, Slightly Sore Mass Beneath my Chin That Looks Like a Double Chin.. Is this typical at 7... READ MORE

Is Constant Discomfort Normal 9 Weeks After Mini-facelift?

Had a mini-lift 9 weeks ago from board certified, experienced ps. It looks great but still have 2 major sources of discomfort: constant pulling around... READ MORE

Why Do I Have So Much Numbness Following my Mini Facelift, Implants and Blepharoplasty?

3 weeks ago I had a minilift, mid face implants, upper and lower blepharoplasty and a revision on my nose and I have alot of numbness on the left side... READ MORE

5 days post op for mini facelift and I have throbbing behind ears. Is this normal?

I have no slight pain on back of ears and throbbing on the back of my ears, is this normal after a facelift? READ MORE

Is it normal to look "overdone" immediately after mini facelift?

Today I had a mini facelift under local anaesthetic and thought the results would be more subtle. It is obvious I have had a facelift, will this relax... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel permanent sutures through the skin, post mini lift?

I had a "mini lift" one year ago. You can't see the permanent sutures through my skin, but on one side - when I massage at the top of my ear at the... READ MORE

I can still see my laugh lines after mini facelift. Is this normal? (Photo)

I got a mini facelift treatment to remove my laugh line, but I am still able to see my laugh line on pictures, on selfie. I payed around 1600 dollar.... READ MORE

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