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What is the Typical Recovery Time of SLUPlift Procedure?

In particular, I am interested in learning the after effects for the feeling in the neck and face areas. Is there a temporary or permanent feeling of... READ MORE

Can Crepey Neck Skin After Submental Lipo Be Fixed?

Four years ago, when I had Submental Lipo, the surgeon told me my skin was tight enough to snap back. I look fine straight on. However; if I bend my... READ MORE

Should I get a mini face lift or neck lift? (Photo)

Hi I am considering a neck lift but when I went for a consultation (seen 2) the plastic surgeon recommended a mini face lift , my face looks good... READ MORE

Mini Face Lift at Age 53?

I am 53 and am very unhappy with my neck. I have some jowls but other than that I am happy with myself so far. I do not feel I am ready for a full... READ MORE

When to Have Mini Facelift and Neck Lift After Major Surgery?

Hi doctors, I've been wanting to improve my facial appearance for a while now. I just had major surgery 5 weeks ago (colon resection) and feel... READ MORE

Can Endoscopic Lift Help the Jowls and Neck Area?

I am considering having a endoscopic mid face lift with a mini neck lift under chin. I had a neck lift that left me with scar and lumps due to the... READ MORE

I want to know about a mini-lift for my neck, jaw line and jowls. Any suggestions? (photos)

Will a mini lift be a better bet for jowls than a filler? What are my options? What is the cost? Where would the incisions take place? And are there... READ MORE

What is the best neck treatment to have in conjunction with my mini facelift?

Received several consultations for a mini facelift. All doctors suggested similar types of procedures to reduce labial folds, jowls and general... READ MORE

Do u need Fat Transfer to do a Mini Facelift?

I am 50 and considering doing a bit of neck and jowls and readjusting my cheek pads ? fat transfer I did a little last year and only lasted about 3... READ MORE

I have a red rash and bumps after facial surgery. (Photo)

Two weeks ago I had a mini face lift/neck with fat grafting. I have a red rash and bumps on chin and mouth area. Any suggestions on an ointment to... READ MORE

How long for outside sutures?

Why would removal of sutures behind ears be delayed until three weeks after mini face/ neck lift. The ones in front were removed at one week. READ MORE

What is the best procedure for a crepey neck? (Photo)

My doctor has recommended I need a mini face lift and Fractora treatment for my crepey neck. Please advise if this is the right procedure for my issue... READ MORE

Hoping to have a consultation soon to talk to a plastic surgeon would like to be armed with info? (photos)

What most bothers me #1 is my sagging jowls (not to bad right now due to Restalyn) #2 my old looking neck and double chin and #3 my hooded eye lids.... READ MORE

What does my neck need? Is it also ok to get mini face lift and neck surgery during summer? (photos)

I am working on getting a mini face lift and neck surgery this summer. I had bad health issues and lost 20 pounds in hospital bed in 2 weeks and lost... READ MORE

Opinions on scarring and puckering under chin 3 months post mini-facelift, neck lift, and liposuction? (Photo)

I met with my ps at 2 months po about my concerns and he reassured me that all of this would smooth out and heal just fine over the next several... READ MORE

I am a 52 year old who had sagging jowls and the fat on my cheek bones was falling into my mid face. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a mini lift and neck lipo.......The problem is scarring in front and the back of both of my ears, which is red and wide. It was fine until the... READ MORE

2 years post mini-facelift, and I have neck/ear issues. Would a revision help? (Photo)

Dear Doctors, 2 years ago I had a mini facelift and left with aesthetic issues. First, the facelift probably should be redone, because effect was too... READ MORE

Mini facelift or facial fillers? (photos)

Hello doctors, I'm nearly 40 and I've lost 38kg so my fqce and neck are quite loose. Should I get a facelift or facial filler? Thank you! READ MORE

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