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Mini Facelift at 41, a Good Idea?

I am 41 years old and in excellent shape. I'd like my lower face to look more defined as I am starting to have too much fullness in that area. I had... READ MORE

Crooked Smile After Mini Facelift and Chin Lipo

My mom is 8 days post op for mini facelift (lower portion of face) and chin issue is that her smile is crooked right now. Is this... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Mini Face and Neck Lift: When Will Jawline Bruising Go Away?

I have some isolated bruising (looks like a line from the lower part of my ear to my jawline) on one side of my face (7 weeks post op) how long before... READ MORE

I want to know about a mini-lift for my neck, jaw line and jowls. Any suggestions? (photos)

Will a mini lift be a better bet for jowls than a filler? What are my options? What is the cost? Where would the incisions take place? And are there... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a mini facelift? If not, what are my other options? (Photo)

I am 44 years old and absolutely hate my jaw line and double chin. Most the time I have to look up and pictures or look a certain way so that I don't... READ MORE

Mini facelift? (Photo)

I'm 45 years old, with good skin however am increasingly disliking vertical lines in cheeks and jowls. Eyes, upper cheeks and forehead currently okay.... READ MORE

Jawline, chin contour after lift and lipo disheartening (Photo)

I had a mini-lift and submental lipo to correct jowls to improve contour of my jawline. The photos are 1. before the procedure, 2. two days after the... READ MORE

Can Asymmetrical face be "fixed" to make it more symmetrical? It's causing saggy skin on one side due to weaker bone structure

I am 27.My face is very asymmetric.The right side is heart-shaped w/ slightly prominent cheek bones and defined jawline.Left side is just flat w/ no... READ MORE

Will a mini facelift sort my flabby face/jawline? (Photo)

As you can see I need liposuction under my chin, this will be sorted in Sept. I don't think I will get the result I want, just from this 1 procedure,... READ MORE

What can be done about jowls in a 34 year old? (photos)

I've always had a low-set chin (double chin) and larger protruding cheeks "jowls" since then was a little girl. I feel that it really distracts from... READ MORE

Would a mini lift dramatically improve my profile? (photos)

Hi there! I'm 36, I've lost 75lbs, and my jawline is quickly becoming nonexistent!!! Would a mini lift be enough to give me a dramatic result? I'm... READ MORE

3 weeks post op mini face lift and I have a double chin/swelling? And can stretch skin at jawline adjacent toe ears.

Is it normal to be able to stretch my skin at the jawline 3 weeks post op? It was tight the first day after surgery then I got Edema and it's been a... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a mini facelift if I have an acoustic neuroma?

I would like my jawline and jowls refreshened. I had cyberknife radiation 8 years ago and the tumor shrunk and is not growing. However, I know it can... READ MORE

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