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Mini Facelift at 41, a Good Idea?

I am 41 years old and in excellent shape. I'd like my lower face to look more defined as I am starting to have too much fullness in that area. I had... READ MORE

Do Mini Facelifts Cost Less?

I realize that many of the doctors here hold the heavily advertised mini facelifts in low regard, and I'm not referring to them specifically. I am... READ MORE

Crooked Smile After Mini Facelift and Chin Lipo

My mom is 8 days post op for mini facelift (lower portion of face) and chin issue is that her smile is crooked right now. Is this... READ MORE

Swelling After Mini Facelift with Fat Transfer

I am 7 weeks post op mini facelift with fat transfer to the cheeks. my incisions, though healed, throb all day. the pulling and pressure in front of... READ MORE

What is the Typical Recovery Time of SLUPlift Procedure?

In particular, I am interested in learning the after effects for the feeling in the neck and face areas. Is there a temporary or permanent feeling of... READ MORE

Alternative Treatments to Mini Facelift?

I'm 60 years old and look it. I want to have Mini Facelift but probably couldn't afford it, What would you recommend? READ MORE

Why Are My Ears So Swollen And In Pain After Mini Facelift? Looks Like I Have Dumbo Ears? (photo)

Why Are My Ears So Swollen And In Pain After Mini Facelift? Looks Like I Have Dumbo Ears? READ MORE

What is Mini Lift?

What exactly is a mini lift and is it limited to only the lower third portion of the face or are there other mini face lifts that address the forehead... READ MORE

Pain and Pressure on Tragus After Mini Lift

7 weeks post op mini facelift. the ps made my incision behind my tragus (flap of skin in front of ear canal), which is completely healed. i have... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Mini Lift and Botox

I had a Mini Face Lift and Botox at the brow 1 month ago. On the left side of my face, my eye and mouth are uneven. It feels like nerve damage. I... READ MORE

Are Dermatologists Qualified to Perform Mini Lifts?

I am considering a Facelift. I am fearful of a full Facelift, general surgery, recovery, costs and am finding it difficult to find one I feel... READ MORE

Can you get scars with a Mini Facelift?

Why does the 'mini-facelift' need to be done before in front of the ear??? Doesn't this leave a scar or even a chance of a scar??? I read that there... READ MORE

When to Have Mini Facelift and Neck Lift After Major Surgery?

Hi doctors, I've been wanting to improve my facial appearance for a while now. I just had major surgery 5 weeks ago (colon resection) and feel... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty, Mini Lift and Fraxel While on Vitrase Sessions?

I have had 4 vitrase sessions to remove Juvederm. Two weeks after the last session, a lot of it is still present in cheek and eye area. Is it ok to go... READ MORE

I suffer from an uneven face and sagging skin with fat deposits. I am only 32 and want a mini lift. Please advise. (photos)

Loss of volume is a problem but I also have a lot of lose skin that I can move around the face. Bothering me most is the sagging skin (fat deposits?)... READ MORE

Mini-facelift or a non-surgical treatment, which would be best for me? (photos)

What would be the most ideal procedure for giving me a firmer, refreshed look? I would like to reduce/improve the three downward folds on my face. You... READ MORE

What is the avg cost for a mini face lift (sagging, frown)? Could a breast reduction procedures be done at the same time?(photo)

I'm very fibrous /heavy chested and back pain has started. I was diagnosed many years ago with Hidradenitis suppurativa and have had several cysts... READ MORE

What are my options for facial fat reduction? I had a revision mini facelift that looks worse than before. (photo)

The P.S. added fat. I had a revision mini lift and to address acne scars the Plastic Surgeon Dr.Wolf added fat to my cheeks. He did a minimal job... READ MORE

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