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Mini Facelift Vs. Full Facelift: Which is Best?

A mini lift sounds sooo much more appealing to me.  less expensive...less invasive...can get rid of my sagging skin and jowls. why would i opt to... READ MORE

CosmoLift - How Does It Compare to Other Mini Lift Procedures?

Can anyone tell me about CosmoLift? Please compare to Lifestyle Lift or Quick Lift.  Thanks! READ MORE

Mini Lift and Fat Transfer for Tightening Facial Skin? (photo)

How well does fat grafting work to fill in the hollow area underneath your eyes, and lines down the sides of your nose and mouth? I am interested... READ MORE

Should I get a mini face lift or neck lift? (Photo)

Hi I am considering a neck lift but when I went for a consultation (seen 2) the plastic surgeon recommended a mini face lift , my face looks good... READ MORE

Will a mini face lift last as long as a regular facelift?

I am considering a mini facelift, but am concerned that it means going back for another facelift in the near future thereafter. Would it be better to... READ MORE

Mini face lift or neck lift? (Photo)

I am in my late 40's. I don't like how loose my lower face is. Could I be improved on with a lift? Or will that be too much and make me look "done" READ MORE

Update from my original post if I should get a mini face lift or neck lift, I added more pictures. (Photo)

Here are more pictures to my original post about having a mini face lift or just a neck lift or both , the surgeon I saw said I just need a mini face... READ MORE

What is the difference of a mini or full face? Is true that mini face only skin and tissue are pull?

IM confused what is pull on mini face lifts ? and what is pull on a traditional face lift? and which last the more? thanks READ MORE

Filler or mini-lift?

I am 66 old woman that like to know is better filler or mini-lift I am great health, exercise every day and don't any health issues don't drink... READ MORE

Fillers or mini facelift? (Photo)

I have been sifting through this site for a year now & have decided to take it to the next level. I have begun researching board certified facial... READ MORE

Is a mini facelift or fillers recommend for a 42 year old who has loss of volume? (Photo)

Hello I'm a 42 year old mother and I have become very self conscious about the sagging of my face around my jaws and the loss of volume in my face... READ MORE

Do I need a mini lift and/or cheek implants (age 32, jowls, sagging skin)? (Photo)

I've had a lot of fillers in cheek and mouth area but I don't really like it. When I pull my face vertically to my ears, I look like my 29 year old... READ MORE

Mini face lift / neck tuck / blepharoplasty / eyebrow lift? Which one or all can I benefit from the most? (Photo)

I have saggy skin all across my face, mostly around my lower jawline and chin. My neck has some excess fat in it that's visible. My upper and lower... READ MORE

Why is it so difficult to explain the difference btwn a Mini lift & a Mid lift? Which tightens muscle/tissue & gets rid of skin?

I have been to 2 doctors (both certified), one stated I only need non surgical (not true, I have tried fillers and they don't do anything or last)then... READ MORE

Recommendations for sagging jowls? Do I need a mini or lower lift? Will Fillers do for now? (photos)

42 Years old, seeing the sagging jowls. Do I need a mini or lower lift or will fillers do the job for now? Are there other options I should explore? READ MORE

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