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Cost of Mini Lift for Under the Chin ?

How much does a Mini Lift cost for the loose skin under my chin? I have a double chin that's not too bad; but bad enough to make me feel unhappy when... READ MORE

Mini Facelift for a 32-year-old?

When I went in for a possible Chin liposuction consultation, the doctor suggested  a Mini lift instead. I have some fat under my chin and jowls.... READ MORE

Crooked Smile After Mini Facelift and Chin Lipo

My mom is 8 days post op for mini facelift (lower portion of face) and chin issue is that her smile is crooked right now. Is this... READ MORE

Mini Facelift or Fillers for Chin and Jowl? (photo)

I am 40 and am unhappy with jowls/chin/neckline. I notice the tip of my nose has widened too. My question is this: Should I use fillers such as... READ MORE

Can I have a tuck up/ revision without general anesthesia 6 months after a Mini Lift and Neck Liposuction? (photo)

I had a mini facelift Ian's neck lipo 6 months ago.Saw the PS at 6 weeks .I expressed concern about the ridge in front and under chin. He said it was... READ MORE

Jawline, chin contour after lift and lipo disheartening (Photo)

I had a mini-lift and submental lipo to correct jowls to improve contour of my jawline. The photos are 1. before the procedure, 2. two days after the... READ MORE

Can a saggy chin after a mini-lift be corrected with two small incisions to remove skin? (Photo)

I had a mini-lift and chin lipo 16 mos. ago. I followed my doctor's instructions exactly, (sleep position, exercise, wearing the band etc.) At first,... READ MORE

28 years old. Mini facelift for acne scars and fat transfer?

I have a lot of fat loss in my chin and some areas in my cheeks from cystic acne and cortisone steroid injections for my acne. Would this be a good... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty, chin and mini facelift 6 weeks ago: not happy with results. (Photos)

Hi - It seems like the lift has not worked and jowls on the r side of face are just as bad. Could this be swelling or has it not worked? Also he... READ MORE

Numbing after a mini facelift: I am concerned I'm going to be permanently numb.

I was wondering if numbing around sides of face and all around the whole ear is normal after a mini facelift and a bit of liposuction under the chin?... READ MORE

Sagging jowls, an under chin, curled down lips and sun damage. (Photo)

What can i do not too invasive and without fillers? I imagine the lower mini lift is best choice but i dont have many problems with the neck area,... READ MORE

How can I get rid of under chin skin? (Photo)

How to get rid of it had mini lift n laser READ MORE

How long until I even out? (Photo)

I had a mini face lift and chin lift. I'm 5 weeks post op, yet still look asymmetrical and bumpy. When should I see my face look even and smooth again? READ MORE

I am turning 41. I have noticed drastic changes in my elasticity, dryness, jowls/chin/sunspot/uneven and wrinkled lips (Photo)

Can you please provide package pricing for the following: Mini face lift (jowls, double chin, left side dropping more than right) IPL (sun damage... READ MORE

Revision Mini face lift 3 weeks ago, is this swelling under chin/jaw or still skin? Nervous (Photo)

Hi. I know it's early on but this was a revision by a different PS. He said it was more than you would expect from a revision, mainly he did the whole... READ MORE

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