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Swelling After Mini Facelift with Fat Transfer

I am 7 weeks post op mini facelift with fat transfer to the cheeks. my incisions, though healed, throb all day. the pulling and pressure in front of... READ MORE

Am I over pulled? Mini lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, neck lift, forehead lift and fat transfer to check lip (Photo)

I am post 10 days. Although I understand that there is still tremendous amount of swelling: I feel over pulled. My cheeks are so tight and I feel like... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty, Mini Lift and Fraxel While on Vitrase Sessions?

I have had 4 vitrase sessions to remove Juvederm. Two weeks after the last session, a lot of it is still present in cheek and eye area. Is it ok to go... READ MORE

Cheek Liposuction or Mini Facelift for Bad Fat Graft?

I realize this may be difficult without photos. I had fat grafting to the cheek area a yr ago and it gave me terrible fold lines around my mouth... READ MORE

I'm 30 and had 2 sessions of Sculptra. I noticed my cheeks appeared saggier. Could a mini lift help? (photo)

I had 2 sessions of sculptra and 4 vials my face appears saggier and bottom heavy. Could a mini lift help?I feel that my face looks older now after... READ MORE

Can I have a mini facelift done? (Photo)

I had ultherapy done 7 months ago. I noticed shortly after I looked older. Can it be volume loss? My face looks droopy and cheeks are falling a bit. I... READ MORE

Is a minilift an invasive surgery and will it be helpful to define my jaw and lower portion of my face? (Photo)

I'm a 29 yr old female. I'm looking to get a lift for my jawline and cheeks. I've felt that my face had slowly drifted downward for the last couple of... READ MORE

22 yr old female, best way to add fullness to flat cheeks? (Photo)

I'm young, but don't like my cheeks shape. I have a larger nose & my flat cheeks really amplify it. I am happy with my face from the front, but not... READ MORE

Is a mini lift good for me? (Photo)

I had ultherapy 2month ago, but still my cheek ,under eye and side of mouth look sagging, and my face shape also changed from few years ago. Will I be... READ MORE

Should I get a mini facelift to tighten my chubby lower cheeks and give me a V-line?

I'm 28 and have had chubby lower cheeks my whole life. I had the buccal fat pads removed a few years ago, yet my cheeks are still chubby. When I pull... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: I Had Jackson Pratt drain installed behind left ear. (photos)

A drain was installed behind ear. This was several weeks ago. My face has already gone down although there is still swelling albeit minor compared to... READ MORE

Do I need a mini lift and/or cheek implants (age 32, jowls, sagging skin)? (Photo)

I've had a lot of fillers in cheek and mouth area but I don't really like it. When I pull my face vertically to my ears, I look like my 29 year old... READ MORE

Can having multiple mini-lifts cause enough scar tissue to form to broaden my face in the cheek area??

Im 36 and had 2 mini-lifts.The 1st was to lift my jowls and remove part of my buccal fat pad. My goal was to try and attain a more sleek defined cheek... READ MORE

What would be the best option for me to get rid of crows feet and loss of volume? (Photo)

Would like advice on what the best option for facial surgery. My problems are crows feet, loss of volume in cheeks and eyebrows drooping. Considering... READ MORE

I'm interested in a mini facelift or cheeklift. I understand scars are located behind the ears.

Due to my job, I must wear my hair up in a bun. This wouldn't allow my hairstyle to act as concealment during healing period. Would make up cover the... READ MORE

How long between facial surgical procedures?

Two years ago, I got a mini face/neck lift, and blepharoplasty. It certainly helped, but I am now regretting not also getting a mid face/cheek lift,... READ MORE

heavy cheeks, hollows eyes.

I am a 40 yo female.My upper eyelid is ok although a bit heavy at the outer corners. I also have jowls and heaviness in the bottom of my face and... READ MORE

Looking for a doctor who does mini lift & maybe soof/cheek lift on a 30 year old, in Canada or Washington state.

Have loose/exces skin in lower face & face looks rectangular since age 26 due to weight loss & edema. Have droopy/saggy cheek & lower eyelid since age... READ MORE

Funky earlobes and red patch on cheek after mini facelift (Photo)

Please see attached photos. I had mini facelift about 18 months ago. This is the same on both earlobes. It was not like that before! In one photo you... READ MORE

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