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How Long Does It Take to Feel "Normal" After a Mini-facelift?

I had a mini-lift six days ago (NOT a "Lifestyle Lift" -- my doctor is a double board certified in Plastic & General Surgery and has been... READ MORE

Crooked Smile After Mini Facelift and Chin Lipo

My mom is 8 days post op for mini facelift (lower portion of face) and chin issue is that her smile is crooked right now. Is this... READ MORE

Swelling After Mini Facelift with Fat Transfer

I am 7 weeks post op mini facelift with fat transfer to the cheeks. my incisions, though healed, throb all day. the pulling and pressure in front of... READ MORE

Help to Remove Facelift Keloids for a "Light Lift"

Sept 2007 I had a Light Lift where the surgeon cut in front and behind my ears and pulled the jaw bones up. This was in Houston. I have moved away... READ MORE

Neck Still Turkey-like After Lower Facelift and Necklift with Platysmaplasty? (photo)

I had a mini facelift and necklift with platysmaplasty 4 months ago with incisions in front and behind ears and under the chin. Pictures attached. The... READ MORE

Skin Behind Mini Facelift Scar Looks Odd

I just go a mini face lift and it doesn't look normal? I just got (10 days) and from my ear forward it looks great but from my ear back I have (at... READ MORE

Sweep Marks After Mini Lift?

I had marionette lines and loose skin in the jowl area. They were not fatty. I had a Mini lift that included lifting and trimming of the SMAS muscle.... READ MORE

What to Expect from Mini Face Lift and Fat Transfer Recovery Process?

My mom has recently had a mini face lift and fat transfer. She's not very happy with the recovery so far (it's been about 4 days). Her cheeks... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Help Repair my Salivary Gland Excretions After Mini Facelift?

After my facelift 8 had excess swelling after eating. My doctor removed the excess and said that my gland must have been affected. I am now on... READ MORE

"Pulling Sensation" and Numbness After Mini-lift?

I had a mini-lift done 3 months ago. Just where the bottom of my earlobes connect to the sides of my face, I feel a "pulling sensation". As... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Mini Face and Neck Lift: When Will Jawline Bruising Go Away?

I have some isolated bruising (looks like a line from the lower part of my ear to my jawline) on one side of my face (7 weeks post op) how long before... READ MORE

Does Skin Sag After Mini Facelift?

I know a couple of women who had a mini facelift (one that pulled skin and muscle) and 5 months later. There skin is starting to sag around the mouth,... READ MORE

Mini Lift Swelling

Hi, I am 46. I had a "Mini Facelift" done Wednesday to lift my sagging jowls. The next day I found that the right side of may face had swelled up into... READ MORE

Why Are My Ears So Swollen And In Pain After Mini Facelift? Looks Like I Have Dumbo Ears? (photo)

Why Are My Ears So Swollen And In Pain After Mini Facelift? Looks Like I Have Dumbo Ears? READ MORE

Pain and Pressure on Tragus After Mini Lift

7 weeks post op mini facelift. the ps made my incision behind my tragus (flap of skin in front of ear canal), which is completely healed. i have... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Mini Lift and Botox

I had a Mini Face Lift and Botox at the brow 1 month ago. On the left side of my face, my eye and mouth are uneven. It feels like nerve damage. I... READ MORE

Allergic Reaction to Dissolvable Sutures After Mini-facelift?

7 weeks after having a mini-facelift, I'm having trouble with unrelenting tightness/pulling and occasional pain around the incisions. Some days the... READ MORE

Earlobe & Surrounding Area Numbness, Pulling/tightness Around Ear 11 Weeks Post Mini-lift. Normal?

Had a mini-lower facelift 11 weeks ago from experienced, board certified ps. Still have numbness in both ear lobes and area surrounding ears about 1/4... READ MORE

Bunching and crease after mini face lift, will it go away? (photo)

I have bunching of the skin where ear lobe and lower jaw meet. I also have lump under skin on corner of left eye where sutures are under skin. I had a... READ MORE

No Change After Mini-facelift (5mo Post)?

I'm a 45yo female, wanting to resolve jowling. A preferred surgeon advised against fillers suggesting a mini facelift would be best. I proceeded with... READ MORE

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