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Extreme Tightness Around the Ears & Scalp 2.5 Weeks After a Mini-facelift?

I had a mini-facelift 2.5 weeks ago and I still have a very uncomfortable feeling of tightness around my ears and, sometimes, radiating up into my... READ MORE

What tips do you recommend to help dissolve hematoma /remove bruises faster?

Thank you to all doctors who responded to my previous question. I am at 3 week post op now ( I had mini face lift, lower eye surgery,with fat transfer... READ MORE

Will removing these sutures affect my mini facelift?

I'm three weeks post op mini facelift. I have had little swelling and minimal bruising. Today I noticed a clear suture (like a fishing line) coming... READ MORE

I Got Midface Implants (With a Mini Lift)?

3 weeks ago and they look too big. doctor went with med after initially saying small. i took his advice. is three weeks more really going to make that... READ MORE

Can I remove the scabs from the incision? ( 3 weeks post op mini lift and neck/lipo)

I am 3 weeks post op. I have a great deal of scabbing on the incision side that required a lot of work. It is more swollen on this side. This is the... READ MORE

Why Do I Have So Much Numbness Following my Mini Facelift, Implants and Blepharoplasty?

3 weeks ago I had a minilift, mid face implants, upper and lower blepharoplasty and a revision on my nose and I have alot of numbness on the left side... READ MORE

Mini Face Lift and Eyelift 2.5 Weeks Ago and Have Some Issues?

I had a mini face lift two and eye lift surgery two and a half weeks ago. I have three issues: 1) I have white spots along the incisions on both... READ MORE

I had a mini-face lift 3 weeks ago. Immediately after the procedure I experienced slurred speech.

Tightening of my neck.Neck sensitivity. Never informed of these possible problems.Is there anything I can do to help? ? Unable to post pictures right... READ MORE

What is likely the cause of the crease below ear lobe following mini lift? 3 weeks post-op. (photos)

I am almost 3 weeks post op from mini lift and neck lift. The crease running from below ear lobe toward jaw has been there since day one and does not... READ MORE

Are there alternative treatments to revision surgery and kenalog injections to treat post mini lift bumps?

I had my first mini lift 15 years ago. It turned out great. Last year at age 65, I had my second mini lift from the same doctor. On the whole, it... READ MORE

3 weeks post op mini face lift and I have a double chin/swelling? And can stretch skin at jawline adjacent toe ears.

Is it normal to be able to stretch my skin at the jawline 3 weeks post op? It was tight the first day after surgery then I got Edema and it's been a... READ MORE

3 weeks out from S-lift. Large lump in cheek. (photos)

I'm almost 3 weeks out from an S lift, and I have a very dense, large lump under the skin the size demonstarated in the pics. Is this normal swelling... READ MORE

Revision Mini face lift 3 weeks ago, is this swelling under chin/jaw or still skin? Nervous (Photo)

Hi. I know it's early on but this was a revision by a different PS. He said it was more than you would expect from a revision, mainly he did the whole... READ MORE

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