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Microdermabrasion for Adult Acne on Oily Skin?

I have had light-moderate acne my whole life, and now I have little red scars on my face. I am considering Microdermabrasion to get rid of the scars,... READ MORE

Several Keloid Scars on Nose from Acne: Would Microdermabrasion Help?

Hi,im a fair-skinned asian. the keloids(am i correct?)resulted from huge pimples in the past. i have read that 'wounding' the skin, as in... READ MORE

Will microdermabrasion or a chemical peel help to correct my hyper pigmentation, large pores & uneven skin texture? (photo)

I have an embarrassing "mustache of scars" I sweat a lot on my upper lip and my entire mustache area is covered with these flat darker scars that I... READ MORE

Will microdermabrasion help me? (photos)

I have acne, blackheads, dark spots and PIH on my cheeks, chin, forehead, and upper&lower back. My scars are not raised or indented. I have cleared up... READ MORE

Can dermaplaning cause scars? (photo)

I just had dermaplaning and have 'pits' in many places and one area a long line almost resembling a check mark. They were not present before this... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion for Extreme Adult Acne?

Hi, I'm 23 years old and still suffer from extreme acne and scaring. I've been considering microdermabrasion, but haven't looked into anything to far... READ MORE

How long does it take to see real results from Microdermabrasion?

I had full face dermabrasion 3 weeks 4 days ago. I can still see every scar as if nothing has been done. and that worries me. My face is all broken... READ MORE

How soon will the brown burn scar (scratch) marks go away after microdermabrasion?

I went for a cleansing facial.But my consultant told me during manual extraction that my pores are really tight.She started with cauterizing which was... READ MORE

Lip scar caused by candidiasis (oral thrush) best options for removal-lightening?

I have a lip scar caused by candidiasis 3 yrs ago (on 1 side of bottom lip along vermillion) that has caused hyperpigmentation. I recently started... READ MORE

Will Microdermabrasion help my holes and scars on my face? (photos)

Iam an asian of age photos are included.please suggest weather microdermabrasion helps me to regain the face without any holes and scars.some of... READ MORE

Will microdermabrasion 'remove' a slight pink scar that is 3 months old 'and improve' a tear trough wrinkle?

I don't want to continue to wait to see if the small scar will completely go away. I would like responses from doctors who have experience with these... READ MORE

Will burns from microdermabrasion leave a scar? (Photo)

I have microdermabrasion crystals that I use with a face cleanser and I rubbed a little too hard. It ended up burning my checks from rubbing too hard. READ MORE

I've had a reaction to a microdermabrasion session I went to. Do you think it will scar? (Photo)

I've recently had a microdermabrasion and it left me with a brown patch, i went straight to the doctor and she prescribed me a hydrocortisone cream.... READ MORE

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to know if the microdermabasion is effective for hypertrophic scars.

I had my tatto removed with the laser and they ended up burning my skin. My tattoo was on my arm so the scar in very visible... i tried to get the... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion to Treat Seborrhoeic Keratosis on Asian Skin

I have a Seborrhoeic keratosis on my cheek. I got retin-a .1% from my dermatologist. My keratosis is almost flat now but not quite flush with the rest... READ MORE

Micodermabrasion on a TT Scar?

OK I'm pretty sure the answer to this question will be no but need to be certain. My cousin is an Esthetician and she told me she want to use... READ MORE

Will my brown patch from Microdermabrasion peel leave me scars?

I went to a spa to get my 3rd treatment of microderbrasion and told I some like my sum spots on my face so she told me she can try to get ride of it... READ MORE

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