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Microdermabrasion at Home

Is home microdermabrasion a good idea or should one pay more money to go to a professional? READ MORE

Do-it-yourself Microdermabrasion Products Work?

I want to try microdermabrasion just to make my skin look healthier not for a specific problem, but my doctor charges over $100 per session and I... READ MORE

Confused About Microdermabrasion

Really confused about all the information seen on microdermabrasion. A person tried some do it themselves products (like Olay's)--and they help a... READ MORE

Best Microdermabrasion Home Treatment

What is recommended to get best microdermabrasoin results from a kit i can buy at the store? READ MORE

Does Anyone Know What Silk'n FaceFX and PMD (1st at Home FDA Approved Periorbital Microderm) Pros and Cons Are?

I purchased a product called Silk'n FaceFX which uses a red light that heat up to 40 degrees Celsius and said to work from the inside out;... READ MORE

How to heal a burn caused from microdermabrasion? (Photo)

I have been using an at home personal microdermabrasion kit for my acne scars (my skin tone is slightly darker than a caramel color), which has helped... READ MORE

Can someone contract HIV from dermabrasion device?

Hi, Someone introduce me to his dermabrasion home device saying it is good treatment for skin. The device looked like a pin and has very fine needles... READ MORE

How Can I Get This Friction Burn on my Face from Microdermabrasion to Heal and Peel Quickly?

Yesterday I tried an at home microdermabrasion on a blemish I had on my cheek. I used baking soda and vinegar to gently scrub in a small circle over... READ MORE

Is At-home Micodermabrasion Safe While Breastfeeding?

I am interested in buying a Microdermabrasion kit. It is aluminum oxide crystal that you can mix into soaps or lotion. I am planning to use this for... READ MORE

Does the PMD or Any at Home Microdermabrasion Kits Work Well?

I have some acne scars that I would like to at least soften. Would one of these at home microdermabrasion kits help? I would think the advantage would... READ MORE

Microdermabrasion Redness? (photo)

Hi, i perform'd microdermabrasion with a at home kit, at first I had redness which is normal, the next day I woke up and it was fine, but, then... READ MORE

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