Hair Loss + Mesotherapy

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Mesotherapy for Hair Fall?

How is Mesotherapy solution injected unto the scalp? I want to know the procedure of Mesotherapy injection in conditions of hair fall? Thanks. READ MORE

Can Mesotherapy Be Used for Hair Regrowth?

Is there any treatment for hair reproduction in Mesotherapy? READ MORE

Is mesotherapy really effective on hair loss treatment? How effective it is ?

I have a hair loss problem since 4 years and i tried almost all treatments with no effect, so finally want to go for mesotherapy as per advice from my... READ MORE

Mesotherapy for hair loss and LLLT laser therapy , contraindications ?

Can I use LLLT laser hair during Dermaroller micro needle mesotherapy hair. Is there no contraindications? Is one day interval is safe between the two... READ MORE

I am 20 yrs old now.. and am suffering from hairloss from age of 16 what should i do??

I am 20 years now ... I am suffering from hair lost since 4yrs ... I visited3 dermotilogist 2 of them gave me only medicine . And one sugested for... READ MORE

Mesotherapy for Hair Growth - What Are the Side Effects?

What is the treatment like? Is it long-lasting? Are there any side effects of mesotherapy for hair regrowth? READ MORE

How Effective is Mesotherapy for Hair Loss?

My doctor advised me to do Mesotherapy for hair loss but I want to know, does it work and is the result permanent? Do I have to do another course of... READ MORE

Is Mesotherapy for Hair Growth Helpful and Safe?

I am a 23-year-old female suffering from severe hair loss problem. I have been using Mintop (Minoxidil 2%) since 4 months.The hair loss has been... READ MORE

Will Mesotherapy Help Hair Loss in Women?

I am a 50 years old woman. I suffer thinning in my hair and great hair loss specially in the front of the scalp. This drives me crazy. I heard about... READ MORE

Can Mesotherapy Promote Hair Regrowth?

I am 24 year old girl with hair loss for more than 8 years.The scalp can be very easily seen in the crown portion.Doctor has suggested for meso... READ MORE

Is Mesotherapy Effective for Hair Loss?

I have been enjected by mezotherapy 11 times but the result is sooo little should i continue?? READ MORE

Does Mesotherapy Result in Hair Loss Years Down The Line?

Hi I got an eczema before 7 months and now im fine And i went to the doctor and he said that The mesotherapy will help the small hair to be thick And... READ MORE

Losing hair while getting treated with mesotherapy and PRP?

Hi, I am a 24 year old female. I am currently on my 4th week of treatment 2 meso & 2 PRP, so 1 each week. I have experienced a large amount of hair... READ MORE

Does Mesotherapy Work for Chemotherapy Induced Hair Loss?

Does medotherapy using a mixture containing minoxidil, bitin and dexenol work on my hair loss after chemotherapy? It's been about 3.5 years when my... READ MORE

I am facing hair loss problems. Would mesotherapy help?

I am 24 years old and I am facing hair loss probleums. I guess its my genetic probleum because my father is also bald currently my doctor recommended... READ MORE

What is the best solution for hair loss? Does mesotherapy or PRP work for me?

I am 23 years old... i used "hair nail and skin" multivitamin and minoxidil but dont work .... i have exissive hair loss from 4 years ago and my scalp... READ MORE

Any thoughts on Mesotherapy for hair loss?

Dear Doctor, I would appreciate your help in clarifying the following: -Mesotherapy (fortnight) and PRP (monthly) has to go parellel? or only meso... READ MORE

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