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Mesotherapy Side Effects

What sort of side effects are possible with mesotherapy? READ MORE

How Much Does Mesotherapy Cost?

What is the average mesotherapy price READ MORE

Mesotherapy for Hair Fall?

How is Mesotherapy solution injected unto the scalp? I want to know the procedure of Mesotherapy injection in conditions of hair fall? Thanks. READ MORE

Mesotherapy to Remove Fat Pads Under Eyes

Which is the most safe and effective way to remove fat pads from lower eye lids: blepharoplasty or mesotherapy? Is mesotherapy safe to inject into the... READ MORE

Mesotherapy Risks

What are the risks of side effects from mesotherapy? READ MORE

Is Mesotherapy FDA Approved?

The doctor I saw said mesotherapy is FDA approved and showed me pictures of people who looked so much younger when they had it injected in their faces... READ MORE

Needle-free Mesotherapy

I understand that mesotherapy with needles can have adverse effects and may not even work, but less has been said about needleless mesotherapy. Is it... READ MORE

Can Mesotherapy Be Used for Hair Regrowth?

Is there any treatment for hair reproduction in Mesotherapy? READ MORE

Is mesotherapy really effective on hair loss treatment? How effective it is ?

I have a hair loss problem since 4 years and i tried almost all treatments with no effect, so finally want to go for mesotherapy as per advice from my... READ MORE

Mesotherapy Vs. Carboxytherapy - Which is Better to Treat Cellulite?

I did liposuction 6mths ago, however the result is not that significant. Although my thighs seem to be a little more defined but I thought of doing... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to See Mesotherapy Results After One Treatment?

After one mesotherapy treatment will I be able to see any results? How long does it usually take to see results? READ MORE

Who is a Candidate for Mesolift?

I have Multiple Sclerosis. Is it safe to have a mesolift (mesotherapy) precedure done? READ MORE

How Effective is Mesotherapy for Eyebags?

I'm 25 and my eyebags are progressively getting worse. I am concerned about how they'll look when I'm older. Considering my age, I'm extremely... READ MORE

How Effective is Mesotherapy for Hair Loss?

My doctor advised me to do Mesotherapy for hair loss but I want to know, does it work and is the result permanent? Do I have to do another course of... READ MORE

Is Mesotherapy for Hair Growth Helpful and Safe?

I am a 23-year-old female suffering from severe hair loss problem. I have been using Mintop (Minoxidil 2%) since 4 months.The hair loss has been... READ MORE

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