Tri-luma Cream + Melasma Treatment

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Tri Luma Vs Meladerm for Melasma?

I was diagnosed with Melasma. My chin has very dark areas and some parts of my upper lip. I have tried several OTC creams to correct and nothing... READ MORE

Stubborn Melasma on my Wife's Face?

My wife has melasma spots on her face. Her dermatologist who treated her with IPL. After the treatment, the spots turned brown. A few days later, as... READ MORE

Triluma for Mild to Moderate Melasma Recommended? (photo)

I was prescribed triluma for my mild to moderate melasma. I have read so many negative reviews from others that it made their melasma darker. I am... READ MORE

What Are Dermatologists Prescribing to Treat Melasma Since You Can No Longer Get Tri-Luma?

I'm at the end of an 8% compounded prescription and don't want to go back to the doctor who prescribed it. READ MORE

Is Pidobenzone a Safe and Effective Treatment for Melasma?

My wife has tried many treatments and the only one that works is the Tri-Luma cream. Comparing it to her previous treatments, it appears that the... READ MORE

Can I use Obagi hydroquinone 4% in conjunction with tri-luma?

I have melasma on my forehead. For the past week I've been using Tri-luma at night, and my skin seems to be tolerating it completely. In fact, I use... READ MORE

Will TriLuma cream help poiklioderma & melasma?

Have mild melasma & poiklioderma (spelling?) on neck area & was told to use Triluma facial cream. Have researched the cream may cause darkening of... READ MORE

What to do to treat Melasma?

Please help mei use tri luma cream take off it was excellent but when i stop .my melasma get back.what another options i have please ! Or i have to... READ MORE

Can I use Tri- Luma immediately after use of 4% Hydroquinone?

I have melasma and acne scars/pigment from pregnancy. I have used 4% Hydroquinoin 3 times a week for 3 months. I have been recommended Tri-Luma by... READ MORE

Use triluma first month of pregnancy. Is it safe for the baby?

I used triluma the firsr month of my pregnancy while I didn't know I was pregnant. When I realized I stopped bit now I am afraid it caused some... READ MORE

I am going crazy because of melasma, nothing seems to work...what to do?

Got stubborn dermal melasma and I simply don't want to live looking like this. it has affected my life very badly. despite trying my best, no... READ MORE

Hypopigmentation from Tri-Luma Cream

I have been using Tri-Luma Cream to get rid of the melasma on my forehead. A couple of weeks later, my forehead started to get what seems to be... READ MORE

When I first started using Tri-luma for my melasma, it worked really well. Now it doesn't seem to work at all.

I have been battling with melasma for years. I got a prescription for Tri-luma in June. At first, it worked really well, and I was pleased with the... READ MORE

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