Tretinoin + Melasma Treatment

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Tretinoin and Hydroquinone Safety

How many percent of Tretinoin and Hydroquinone is safe for facial skin? Are there any harmful side effects for these chemicals? I am thinking about... READ MORE

Melasma - How to Apply Tretinoin and Hydroquinon Creams

I have melasma on my upper lip due to taking oral contraceptives. I have seen a dermatologist and was prescribed Tretinoin Cream .025% as well as... READ MORE

Can I Mix Hydroquinone with Tretinoin and Moisturizer?

I have melasma. I want to lighten these spots. My dermatologist gave me 4%hyroquinone gel as well as a tube of 0.025% tretinoin cream. Can I mix these... READ MORE

Can I Mix Hydroquinone with Tretinoin and a Moisturizer?

I have melasma. I know about triluma but my dermatologist gave me 4% hydroquinone gel as well as a tube of 0.025% of tretinoin cream that I want to... READ MORE

How to Apply Hydroquinone 4% if There Are Too Many Dark Spots for Spot Treatment? Its Too Time Consuming

My dr gave me Hydroquinone4% & Tretinoin. its difficult to use because the marks on my back go from one side to my shoulders to the other (just... READ MORE

How do i use tretinoin cream (0,1%) and Hydroquinone liquid (4%) together?

How do i use tretinoin cream (0,1%) and Hydroquinone liquid (4%) together? Do I blend them, or should I put them on separately? READ MORE

How can I get rid of my melasma? I have tried Hydroquinone and Retina A but nothing seems to work.

What else can I use to get rid of my melasma on my face? Do I need to do a detox maybe it's internal. Please help me. I'm unemployed and can't afford... READ MORE

2 yrs I use Tretinoin Cream, it hasn't faded the melasma. Is Hydroquinone cancerous? What's the best at home acid to use?(photo)

I am not premenopausal, 38 and on and off birth control since I was 14. I loved the sun since I was a child. I am sicilian, never even had a sunburn.... READ MORE

Hydro and treinoitin not working on melasma. Is there an alternative?

I have been to several dreams and they all just tell me to use the Obaji blender with 4% hydro in it and trenoitin .05%...I use it on my forehead and... READ MORE

How long does hydroquinone 10% + kojic acid 4% + tretonin 0.1% + steroid cream takes to work?

I have been using for 1 week every night. So, far no result. My skin turns red temporarily but apart from that no other side effects. It's bit dry too... READ MORE

How to maintain results of melasma treatment?

I am using strong hydroquinone 10%+kojic acid 4% + tretonin 0.1% + steriod to clear up dermal melasma on cheeks and upper lip. I worry about getting... READ MORE

Melasma not going away! Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had dark skin patches on my upper lip for over a year now. I have tried almost everything to get rid of them. I have not been on hormonal birth... READ MORE

I saw my dermatologist on April 29th 2016 for melasma. He wants me to try HQRA What are your thoughts

IThis product has Hydroquinone USP 7% along with Tretinoin USP 0.05%. I wanted another dermatologists opinion on the strength of this product. I I am... READ MORE

Hydroquinone 10% + tretinoin 0.1% + hydrocortosone for dermal melasma, can it work?

Nothing else including cosmelan peel, retin a or obagi worked for me.. is there hope still? please comment as per your personal experience dealing... READ MORE

Can I use peeling for melasma and sunburn on my skin? (Photo)

I have got melasma and sunburn on my face previously I was using Cosmelan and tyronase creams with 100 SPF sunscreen and now hydroquinone, tretinoin,... READ MORE

Redness after hydroquinone 10% + kojic acid 4% + tretinoin 1% + steroid cream?

Application area is bright red after the first application only. is this normal? i was told i may experience flaking/peeling of skin but not redness.... READ MORE

What is the best recommendations for melasma starting? Using Obaji blender and tretinoin currently with not much change.

Would like to find a dermatologist that is actually up to date on best treatments.Best recommendations for melasma starting. Using Obaji blender and... READ MORE

What are the side-effects of high strength(10%) hydroquinone, kojic acid (4%), tretonin (1%) and hydrocortisone cream?

I applied only once, all the application areas are red. Is this normal? I am planning to apply every other night so far.. READ MORE

I used hydroquinone 10% tretinoin 1% kojic acid and steroid cream once and my face is red two days later

The redness is still there in the application area two days later. I am scared that I have suffered some sideeffect. Derm had told me about flaking... READ MORE

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