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Tretinoin and Hydroquinone Safety

How many percent of Tretinoin and Hydroquinone is safe for facial skin? Are there any harmful side effects for these chemicals? I am thinking about... READ MORE

Safe melasma treatment DURING pregnancy?

I've struggled with melasma for years. Previously (not currently) used Triluma and have had IPL. Still using Ulta MD spf 45 sunscreen daily. Now I'm... READ MORE

Is Tri beam laser a good treatment for dermal melasma on Indian skin?

I am indian with dermal melasma on my upper lip and cheeks. I have been recommended to take laser treatment using tri beam, about 6-8 sessions parting... READ MORE

Use triluma first month of pregnancy. Is it safe for the baby?

I used triluma the firsr month of my pregnancy while I didn't know I was pregnant. When I realized I stopped bit now I am afraid it caused some... READ MORE

What is standard protocol for treating melasma?

How long is Tri-Luma used for? Some dermatologists state that using it for 3-4 months is safe. Also, is oral tranexamic safe for melasma sufferers? READ MORE

Golden pearl cream which i use for my melasma on my face is safe? (photo)

I use golden pearl cream for my melasma on my face but I don't know is it safe for my skin or maybe it cuse permanent damage to my skin, any... READ MORE

Is aloe vera 100% organic gel safe to use as moisturiser for a melasma patient?

I use whole day even at night after applying retin a. i hope it's good for my skin and doesn't clog my pores. what do you say? READ MORE

Is it safe to have laser treatment for melasma while pregnant?

Previously i was using topical creams, however stopped while we were trying to conceive. Now that i am pregnant my melasma is getting worse and would... READ MORE

Is it safe to get a cosmetic lip tattoo if I am prone to melasma?

Cosmetic tattoo of lip to enhance shape and colour. Is this likely to trigger any pigmentation issues. I already have melasma however it is mostlh... READ MORE

OTC retinol use and melasma - will it get worse?

Is it likely that an OTC retinol (e.g., Paula's Choice 1% Retinol) may worsen my melasma even if I continue to use sunscreen daily? For how long can... READ MORE

Which is safer and has more reliable results...Cosmelan or Melanage as a melasma treatment?

Which treatment has less of a chance of making it darker? Is there a doctor in Oregon that does either treatment? READ MORE

Can I use 4% hydroquinone with dermalen treatment cream for my melasma? I am Indian woman

Is there any issues with this? I want to use hydroquinone plus dermalen treatment cream. can you comment how to use it safely? READ MORE

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