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Will Fraxel Remove Long-Term Melasma Pigmentaion?

Before the age of 17, I had clear and beautiful skin.Then I started noticing a small dark spot on my upper left cheek, just right below the left... READ MORE

Is this PIH or Melasma? Could this be PIH? I never had it before the peels/Fraxel. Or is this melasma? (Photo)

After an aggressive peel and hot yoga a week after, i got a spot of pigmentation on my one cheek. I got fraxel dual approx 13 months ago to fix. Prior... READ MORE

Suggest me good face cream to remove pigmentation on my forehead tan and t zone without hydroquinone and dont suggest Melderm

Hi I had pigmentation on my face for many years and 3 years back I tool Peeling treatment and started using Obagi kit for one year I found awesome... READ MORE

What meds or creams can I use with hydroquinone to treat melasma, sun damage and acne scars?

The pigmentation is symetrical so i thimk its melasma but the pigmention above whers it is dark is drastically lighter. It almost looks as tho the... READ MORE

Are all melasma treatments temporary or with continuous maintenance, normal skin tone can be maintained?

I had dermalen mask that took away all superficial pigment. now, moving on to hydroquinone 10% for stubborn pigmentation. But i wonder after all this... READ MORE

I have developed melasma on my upper lip and have white pigmentation spots on my forehead. Please help! So embarrassing!

I have developed melasma on my upper lip and have white pigmentation spots on my forehead. I'm only 23 and I'm on Yasmin (hormonal pill) I have been... READ MORE

How long should I use Hydroquinone 6% and Tretinoin 0.1% for my pigmentation? (Photo)

Please provide me what I need to do , I got Asian skin and 8time lase ,now I just started dermal pen ,if I use Hydroquinone and Tretinoin for how long... READ MORE

Is the new pigmentation melasma or PIH?

I had melasma since 2011. I had patches on upper cheeks. Last year after second session of cynosure laser i developed darkening above my upper lip,... READ MORE

Best treatment for pigmentation melasma and open pores? (photos)

What's the best treatment option for rough skin texture melasma pigmentation and open pores READ MORE

Melasma sufferer, does treatments only make it worse?

I only had it on top of cheeks for 4 years..never spread.. i had one peel in 2014 which got me new pigment on one cheek since i wasn't careful with... READ MORE

Is it safe to get a cosmetic lip tattoo if I am prone to melasma?

Cosmetic tattoo of lip to enhance shape and colour. Is this likely to trigger any pigmentation issues. I already have melasma however it is mostlh... READ MORE

Why, if pigmentation develops on one area of the face, does it usually keep coming back?

In melasma if one had clear skin for years then due to laser it changes colour ...even if it's fixed with creams. why it can show pigmentation again? READ MORE

Is Biafine an Effective Treatment for Melasma?

I had an IPL 6 weeks ago for melasma, and got severe burns. I have hyperpigmentation badly on one cheek from this and am wondering if this will go... READ MORE

Shall I have another dermamelan mask treatment for dermal melasma?

I had improvements from the first mask in September last year. I still have dermal pigmentation and wondering if I should have more dermamelan peels... READ MORE

If my melasma is mixed or dermal, can it still get better with topical agents and monthly chemical peels?

Melasma sufferer from 4 years..Can there be a good remedy for deep melasma or it's permanent pigmentation? Please be honest and respond from your... READ MORE

Are melasma treatment results temporary for indian patients?

I read that many white women have been able to maintain their results long term but asians get all their pigment back. is it true that since asian has... READ MORE

I have melasma and want to know if I should get a fraxel treatment for melasma again? I've had 2 in the past .

I've had 3 fraxels done. One last year for melasma and another 6 months later for melasma, then another 7 months later for pigmentation. Both melasma... READ MORE

What medication or treatment can I use for Melasma caused by taking a drug called GLIVEC, 600mg a day for several years? (photo)

Presently I'm taking a drug called GLIVEC 600mg daily, after several years of Glivec the side effects one of them is pigmentation of the skin mainly... READ MORE

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