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Can you use apple cider vinegar for Melasma Treatment? (photo)

I've used hydroquinone up to 10%, Triluma and Obagi C Clarifying over the past 2 yrs with no luck treating upper lip melasma. I read apple cider... READ MORE

Should I Repeat Obagi Blue Peel for Melasma Treatment?

I had two-layer Obagi Blue Peel for melasma following a 12-week period of using the Obagi Nu-Derm products. While using the full line of products with... READ MORE

I need help for my dermal melasma! Any suggestions?

I have tried laser treatments, IPL treatments, hydroquinone in 2% and 4% as well as Triluma, Tazorac, Retin A, I have tried mandalic acid, I have... READ MORE

Can I use Obagi hydroquinone 4% in conjunction with tri-luma?

I have melasma on my forehead. For the past week I've been using Tri-luma at night, and my skin seems to be tolerating it completely. In fact, I use... READ MORE

Ethnic skin melasma & treatments: I used Obagi, is it safe to use long term?Can Hydroquinone cause cancer? optional treatments.

I have ethnic skin & melasma . I used Obagi & worked, the treatment was for 6 to 8 months, however Stopped using it 2 year ago & I have my spots back... READ MORE

Melasma question, Why does hydroquinone work for some women but not others?

I know of women who had complete clearance of melasma with obagi. but for others it did nothing. why is that so? I am indian, very fair complexioned... READ MORE

My melasma has occurred due to external factors, does this mean that I can maintain clearance of melasma using strong SPF?

I first got melasma when I was on BCP for 4 years, and started using obagi for acne spots. I went on holiday and didn't wear sunscreen while still... READ MORE

Obagi Nu Derm or Melarase? (Photo)

The melasma on my forehead, brow bone and cheek areas have made me an extremely self-concieous person. I first noticed it almost a year and a half ago... READ MORE

What is the best topical treatment for melasma, and skin color/tone?

I have had melasma and discoloration for years. It comes and goes with summer. I also deal with hormonal acne on occasion. I have been using Cerave... READ MORE

Would treating melasma on my forehead with hydroquinone and Retin-A with not much improvement?

I'm using Obaji blender with hydrquinine .05% retin..I use skinceuticals-physical fusion tinted SPF sunscreen, phloretin cf serum and reseratrol be,... READ MORE

Suggest me good face cream to remove pigmentation on my forehead tan and t zone without hydroquinone and dont suggest Melderm

Hi I had pigmentation on my face for many years and 3 years back I tool Peeling treatment and started using Obagi kit for one year I found awesome... READ MORE

Is using of Dermamelan cream without mask benefitial?

Hi , I had dermamelan mask 7 years ago and was melasma free for 2 years, than it came back. Is using dermamelan cream without mask benefitial?i am... READ MORE

Melasma on my cheeks haven't lifted despite treatment in the last 4 years. What can be done?

It was induced by sun exposure while using obagi. i have used pigmanorm that contains 5% hydroquinone and also dermalen treatment. what are my options... READ MORE

Melasma caused by external factors only, that means everything is fine in body and it can't be helped with diet or supplements?

I got melasma from use of chemicals on face ( obagi) and not wearing sunscreen. Then it got worse when I had laser on my face for hair removal. I am... READ MORE

Could dermamelan cream (not mask) work better than obagi clear for moderate melasma?

Are hydroquinone products the best when it comes to treating melasma or dermamelan cream could be better? can melasma ( mixed) be 100% faded? READ MORE

Melasma - I'm 30+, struggling with Melasma on cheeks for many years and married with no kid.

I have never take birth control pill, work all day in office and always use SPF and umbrella whenever going out. I'm now using Obagi clear 3 (fx) for... READ MORE

Pigmanorm cream for 8 months didn't work for my melasma. Now, my doctor wants me to try hydroquinone 4% cream. Can this work?

I used pigmanorm for 8 months, but I wasn't very diligent about sun protection. So, I never wore hat or tried to cover myself, just used the sunscreen... READ MORE

What is the difference between the Obagi Nu Derm system and the ZO Multi-therapy Hydroquinone system?

I tried Obagi Nu derm with great results. The reason that I am looking for options when Nu Derm had such great results? Well, the results didn't last... READ MORE

What could be the cause of my melasma? Please check my history.

I developed melasma in 2011. I was on yasmin for 4 years and also was using obagi nuderm system for few months to brighten my skin tone. I went out on... READ MORE

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