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Best Way to Get Rid of Melasma?

What's the best way to get rid of melasma?  Can melasma ever be completely cured or will melasma treatment only reduce it? READ MORE

Melasma Peel: What Works Best?

Which chemical peel would you recommend for melasma? Will melange peel help? How long do chemical peel results last for this problem? READ MORE

Is IPL Laser the Best Melasma Treatment?

Hi, I have very large melasma patches on my cheeks and forehead. A consultant at my local hospital prescribed me with quinone cream, which was very... READ MORE

What's the Best Makeup or Concealer That Covers Up Melasma?

I have Melasma. I have tried prescription creams and nothing helps. What make-up will hide Melasma w/o making this condition worse. I hv it on the... READ MORE

Can Microdermabrasion Remove Melasma?

I have had 6 Microdermabrasion treatments and do not see a significant improvement. I'm concerned. I may be paying for a service that will not treat... READ MORE

How Do I Know the Difference Between Sun Damage and Melasma?

I understand Melasma is untreatable (except for bleaching creams) but sun damage can be removed by fraxel lasers and/or photo facials. Both are large... READ MORE

Melasma Related to Estrogen or Progesterone?

Is melasma particularly related to estrogen or progesterone? i am currently on oral birth control and switching to an IUD READ MORE

What Causes Melasma and Hyperpigmentation?

What causes melasma, and what sort of melasma treatment is available? READ MORE

Best Treatment for Melasma on the Face?

What is the best way to get rid of melasma patches on my face? I have a large brown spot on my forehead and chin that was diagnosed as melasma. I... READ MORE

High Estrogen Level Causes Melasma?

My estrogen level is high; can it be the cause of my melasma? READ MORE

Tri Luma Vs Meladerm for Melasma?

I was diagnosed with Melasma. My chin has very dark areas and some parts of my upper lip. I have tried several OTC creams to correct and nothing... READ MORE

Will Changing to a Different Pill Help my Melasma?

I have had malasma for the last 15 months and my doctor thinks it is prob due to the pill i am taking. Will it help if i change the type of pill i am... READ MORE

What Causes Melasma?

Is there anything preventative that can be done to keep melasma from developing? READ MORE

Best Melasma Treatment for African American Skin?

I am an African American woman in my 40's, with a few patches of melasma on my nose and cheek. What is your recommendation for the best melasma... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Remove Long-Term Melasma Pigmentaion?

Before the age of 17, I had clear and beautiful skin.Then I started noticing a small dark spot on my upper left cheek, just right below the left... READ MORE

Could Melasma Be Stress-Related?

What started off as a small brown spot on my forehead a couple of years ago has now become a large very dark brown square with 2 smudges either side... READ MORE

Are Brown Spots a Sign of Melasma?

If someone has brown spots that have formed high on the cheekbones, underneath the eyes in the past few years. Is this a sign of melasma, or is it... READ MORE

What Effect Does Sun Exposure Have on Melasma?

While on vacation at my in laws beach house in North Carolina and also while in Antigua I noticed I was getting brown patches that looked like a... READ MORE

Treatments for Melasma Vs Sun Damage

I have small brown patches on both my upper cheeks and I am not sure if they are melasma or sun damage. I read that treatments for sun damage (IPL,... READ MORE

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