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What Causes Melasma and Hyperpigmentation?

What causes melasma, and what sort of melasma treatment is available? READ MORE

Should I Repeat Obagi Blue Peel for Melasma Treatment?

I had two-layer Obagi Blue Peel for melasma following a 12-week period of using the Obagi Nu-Derm products. While using the full line of products with... READ MORE

I saw my dermatologist on April 29th 2016 for melasma. He wants me to try HQRA What are your thoughts

IThis product has Hydroquinone USP 7% along with Tretinoin USP 0.05%. I wanted another dermatologists opinion on the strength of this product. I I am... READ MORE

Could melasma and hyperpigmentation be caused by birth control?

I have taken ipiil fir birth control and after that i got melasma on my face n hyperpigmntatio, also i was not pregnant i m having my periords... READ MORE

Best treatment for mild melasma on Olive skin tone?

Hi! I'm 38 and up until recently, had somewhat nice skin. About 9 mos ago, I had juvederm injected into my lips and then microdermabrasion for first... READ MORE

I've had melasma for 3 years and no matter what products I use it doesn't seem to treat it. Any suggestions?

I've been using Beverly Hills MD dark spot corrector and ISIS pharma unitone 4 white advanced for hyperpingmentation. Although it has helped with... READ MORE

How can I get rid of melasma /hyperpigmentation? Please it makes me sad! (Photo)

I have malasma /hyperpigmentation with sundanage. I tried so many creams & a series of 6 chemical peels. Hydroquinone 6% for & hydroquinone 6%... READ MORE

What type of procedure would best address facial hyperpigmentation/melasma for my olive toned skin?

So I have had peels and used topicals that somewhat addressed problem but not very effectively. I coach soccer, so am outdoors most of time and areas... READ MORE

Is hyperpigmentation and Melasma the same thing? (photos)

After returning home from vacation in March 2015 I went to my family Dr regarding dry patch on forehead I tried using cream which wasn't working well... READ MORE

Is this melasma or sun induced hyperpigmentation? (Photos)

On the first day of my holiday I looked in the mirror and dark dark brown pigmentation was present on my upper lip. Throughout the two weeks beach... READ MORE

How to get rid of melasma on Olive Hispanic Skin?

I have tried IPL, chemical peels, hydraquinone, microneedling and laser genesis, and nothing seems to work, if anything it has gotten worse. I started... READ MORE

Is melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation the same thing?

Are they both equally difficult to treat especially in the upper lip area? READ MORE

Is this melasma or hyperpigmentation with hypopigmention? I'm 47 years old. (photos)

Had great skin just some sun spots and veins on my face. Doc treated me with v beam. I had booked for ipl. She treated me with fraxel 1927 for the... READ MORE

What do I have? Melasma or hyperpigmentation? (Photos)

Hello, I have been struggling with some discolouration around both my eyes from past few years. I consulted few doctors and some of them told me it's... READ MORE

Melasma treatment. Is Blue Peel good in treating hyperpigmentation for melasma?

Does ZO® Blue Peel is good in treating hyperpigmentation for melsma. I heated This is a robust procedure that provides dermal and epidermal ... READ MORE

Which laser treatment works better on hyper pigmentation and melasma?

Hi, I have had some hyper-pigmentation and melasma on my face for few years. I have been told Revlite SI and Picosure is the best machine to deal my... READ MORE

Is Biafine an Effective Treatment for Melasma?

I had an IPL 6 weeks ago for melasma, and got severe burns. I have hyperpigmentation badly on one cheek from this and am wondering if this will go... READ MORE

What Causes Hyperpigmentation, Like Melasma?

After taking birth control pills and being in the sun I realized I was getting dark patches on my face, I stopped taking the pill, but the dark spots... READ MORE

Can self tanner by it self worsen melasma and dark spots on skin that is already sensitive to hyper pigmentation?

I have hyperpigmented skin but it's much better thanks to hydroquinone. if i use self tanner does it affect my pigmentation and can activate the dark... READ MORE

How to differentiate between melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation? And duration of use of hydroquinone. (photo)

23. Not on any hormone therapy or hormonal problems. I've had a dark uniform hyperpigmentation above my upper lip for a year. Dermatologist told me... READ MORE

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