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Is IPL Laser the Best Melasma Treatment?

Hi, I have very large melasma patches on my cheeks and forehead. A consultant at my local hospital prescribed me with quinone cream, which was very... READ MORE

Should I Repeat Obagi Blue Peel for Melasma Treatment?

I had two-layer Obagi Blue Peel for melasma following a 12-week period of using the Obagi Nu-Derm products. While using the full line of products with... READ MORE

African American Female Melasma Treatment

I am a 49 year old light skinned African American female. I was on the Obagi system and noticed melasmi was getting lighter for about 3 months, then... READ MORE

Melasma Treatment for Slightly Olive Skin?

I'm Italian with slighly olive skin. I have been on hydroquinone cream for almost a year and have had 6 IPL treatments on my face for melasma caused... READ MORE

More Effective Melasma Treatments?

I developed Melasma above my lip during my first pregnancy. It worsened during my second pregnancy. It has now been 14 months since that pregnancy,... READ MORE

Question about Melasma on Upper Lip?

I'm a 45 year old female. Was on the pill for 6 years. Stopped pill 6 months ago. I have melasma on my forearms. Mild melasma above my upper lip Is... READ MORE

Hysterectomy or Oophorectomy to Improve Melasma in 40 y/o?

I have melasma banding on my cheeks underneath the rim of my sunglasses, it basically looks like I have a mask from the cheekbones down. Hats &... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; IPL laser or Chemical Peels for Melasma? (photos)

) I have melasma on my forehead and above eyebrows. I've seen 3 dermatologist/cosmetic facial specialists and am not sure which route is the most... READ MORE

Is dermal melasma on Asian Indian skin treatable?

I have been diagnosed with dermal melasma on my face. It hasn't been lifted with dermalen chemical peel and 10% hydroquinone + 4% kojic acid ( 6 weeks... READ MORE

Additional Treatments for Resistant Melasma & Rosacea Not Responding Variety of Treatments? (photo)

Female-32 years. My treatments: Fraxel Dual x 2: from this worsened Melasma & skin tone & texture significantly changed. 4 IPL- these seemed... READ MORE

Suggestion for Treatment of Melasma from Pregnancy?

I have tried lightening creams, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion for melasma (brown spots from pregnancy) and nothing is working.... READ MORE

Diagnosing Melasma in African American Patients

I've researched lots and I can only find pictures of Melasma of people who are hispanic or caucasian. I've been having this problem since I was 15.... READ MORE

What is best for dark spots? Mini melanage peel, fraxel or yag laser, or topical treatments such as hydroquinone or kojic acid?

I am a female with dark spots and mild melasma. My melasma has been pretty well controlled with sunscreen but I am looking to get rid of my dark spots... READ MORE

Melasma question, Why does hydroquinone work for some women but not others?

I know of women who had complete clearance of melasma with obagi. but for others it did nothing. why is that so? I am indian, very fair complexioned... READ MORE

Melasma on the Neck?

I am a 50-year-old fair-skinned female and over the last three years I've developed light brown discoloration on the sides of my neck. I've never had... READ MORE

How can I lighten permanent discoloration from "mask of pregnancy"?

2 years ago I was pregnant and my "t zone" and upper lip looked like I picked up freckles, than they darkened and spread out on my upper lip giving a... READ MORE

I'm wondering if I have melasma or vitilago? (Photo)

40 year old female, minimal sun exposure, noticed changes post pregnancy. What's the best course of action? READ MORE

I'm an Asian girl. Can you give me advice on treatment for freckles and melasma? (Photo)

I started to have couple dark spots like freckle for couple years. I wonder what laser treatment I should try? Would IPL photogacial work for my... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Chloasma Medicamentosum?

What can be done for my mum who has suffered facial dark Chloasma Medicamentosum for years? I think she got it from prolonged use of hydroquinone... READ MORE

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