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Melasma Treatment That Works

Is There an Effective Lasting Treatment or Remedy for Melasma? I have had a chemical peel, and it improved a lot but as soon as i am in sunshine again... READ MORE

Triluma for Mild to Moderate Melasma Recommended? (photo)

I was prescribed triluma for my mild to moderate melasma. I have read so many negative reviews from others that it made their melasma darker. I am... READ MORE

Will Balancing Thyroid/hormones Help with Melasma?

I haven't been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, but I was wondering if balancing your hormones can help with this? READ MORE

Will Cosmelan Help With the Melasma On My Forehead? (photo)

WIll Cosmelan treatment be enough to help with the melasma that I have on my forehead? or is there any other treatment that is more effective? READ MORE

Will Topical Creams Alone Work on Melasma?

After about 4 years of living with what I believed to be just pigmentation marks, I finaly consulted with a dermatologist and was told that I have... READ MORE

Is Spectra effective in treating melasma and sun spots without using skin lightening creams?

Is Spectra effective in treating melasma and sun spots without using skin lightening creams? My skin is very sensitive and I break out into a rash... READ MORE

This melasma cream by S. Larry Schlesinger, MD, FACS, Honolulu, HI, is this really as effective as per some reviews?

I have gone through a woman's pictures and review. She had used this cream 2 years ago on bad melasma and she had full clearance. She maintained her... READ MORE

Can any creams/gel be effective for dermal melasma? Is it not too deep to treat from outside?

I have tried various creams but only chemical peels lightened it a bit. are creams/gels ever effective for dermal melasma? READ MORE

Tranexamic Dosing and Efficacy for Melasma?

What are your experiences with dosing TXA for Melasma? Most studies I've read say either 250mg 2 or 3 times a day for as long as 6 months. Is a higher... READ MORE

Is the mixture (tretinoin 0.1% & azelaic acid 20%) effective in treating melasma?

I have gone through some content that tretion and azelaic acid together can help in lightening the skin...is that true.. READ MORE

Can Progesterone Cream Adding in Treating my Melasma?

I recently started a progesterone cream to assist with peri-menopausal symptoms but have also noticed that my melasma appears to be fading...and my... READ MORE

Meladerm for Melasma?

I'm age 31, and have major problems with melasma on my face and extreme dehydration of the skin. I have been using many products, but none have worked... READ MORE

Is Cutera a Good Treatment Option for Melasma?

I have mild/moderate malasma on the left and right side of my eyes going up to my temples. Is CUTERA effective? READ MORE

Will Profractional Help for Dermal Melasma?

Will Profractional laser treatment help for dermal melasma as well? If not, what is recommended to treat dermal melasma? John READ MORE

I am going to use Hydroquinone 10% cream for my melasma now. Can I expect good results?

I had 2 cosmelan masks. Now, my new protocol is to use dermalen cream 2 nights and hydroquinone 10% with retin a 0.5% on the rest of the nights.... READ MORE

Does hydroquinone 10% work for deep/dermal melasma or only superficial melasma?

I have very bad upper lip melasma from 2 months nothing has worked. I had dermalen 2 masks and apply vit c and maintenance cream too but nothing has... READ MORE

What are you thoughts on mechanical dermabrasion and melasma?

There was a large study done that demonstrated great success with Mechanical Dermabrasion for all types of melasma. What are your thoughts on this?  READ MORE

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