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IPL Side Effects from Melasma Treatment

I had a IPL treatment over a week ago.  Prior to this treatment, I had a treatment in April which was fine. I had mentioned to my Dr. that I had... READ MORE

What is the best topical treatment for melasma, and skin color/tone?

I have had melasma and discoloration for years. It comes and goes with summer. I also deal with hormonal acne on occasion. I have been using Cerave... READ MORE

How can I lighten permanent discoloration from "mask of pregnancy"?

2 years ago I was pregnant and my "t zone" and upper lip looked like I picked up freckles, than they darkened and spread out on my upper lip giving a... READ MORE

Melasma on the Neck?

I am a 50-year-old fair-skinned female and over the last three years I've developed light brown discoloration on the sides of my neck. I've never had... READ MORE

Melasma root cause and prevention? (Photo)

Hi Doc, I have developed some discoloration on my cheeks. attaching pictures of the same. I am using HQ (2%)cream and kojic acid. I use sunblock of... READ MORE

What do I have? Melasma or hyperpigmentation? (Photos)

Hello, I have been struggling with some discolouration around both my eyes from past few years. I consulted few doctors and some of them told me it's... READ MORE

Do I have melasma or sun damage, and will it go away?

I am guilty of excessive exposure to sunlight (tanning Bed, which I am giving up 100% now.), deficiency of vitamin D in the skin, overuse of birth... READ MORE

What are my best options for non surgical treatments that will treat several issues at once? (Photo)

My concerns are melasma, discoloration, fine lines and crepiness especially around my eyes. Botox does not work for me. I'm not sure why. I've had it... READ MORE

29 year old, fair skinned female with "melasma" in mustache like distribution. Resistant to topicals and laser! Please help!

Atypical discoloration above upper lip in a mustache like pattern. Grey-ish shadow appearance w/ a blue/green & sometimes reddened hue that blanches.... READ MORE

Melasma? Put on an Obagi treatment but still have discoloration. (photo)

I was told by a MD that I have melasma. Any recommendations? No longer want to be out in public. READ MORE

Do I have Dermal Melasma, or could something else be causing the discoloration?

Yes I always use vit. c and have done glycolic peels as well, my problem is that nothing is working on any kind...could this be dermal melasma or... READ MORE

Is this a suitable treatment for melasma?

Can pure organic coconut oil help with patchy and discoloured skin on your face ? READ MORE

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