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Treatments for Melasma Vs Sun Damage

I have small brown patches on both my upper cheeks and I am not sure if they are melasma or sun damage. I read that treatments for sun damage (IPL,... READ MORE

How to remove freckles and melasma permanently? Any cream? (Photo)

I have melasma or freckles since 2 years, with doctor consultation i start using Dermaclin forte medicated cream , they get reduced but whenever i... READ MORE

Cysteamine 5% cream for melasma?

ThIs cream seems to be new alternative to hq for melasma. I want to try but want to know if it makes skin sensitive to sun similar to hq? Does one has... READ MORE

Will Topical Creams Alone Work on Melasma?

After about 4 years of living with what I believed to be just pigmentation marks, I finaly consulted with a dermatologist and was told that I have... READ MORE

2 yrs I use Tretinoin Cream, it hasn't faded the melasma. Is Hydroquinone cancerous? What's the best at home acid to use?(photo)

I am not premenopausal, 38 and on and off birth control since I was 14. I loved the sun since I was a child. I am sicilian, never even had a sunburn.... READ MORE

Does melasma get worse after stopping the kligman cream? (Photo)

I have melasma caused by b.c pill ( even the fact that I stop taking it since 3 years the malasma still getting worse !) I went to the dermatologist... READ MORE

Terrible Melasma after pregnancies, didn't seem to go away on its own in between. Any suggestions? (photos)

Specifically, covering my forehead and under my eyes (resulting in a black eye apparance). I have looked into a lot of lasers/peels and can't decide... READ MORE

Can I use the maintenance cream 3 times a day for 2-3 months after the dermamelan facial mask?

I had dermamelan mask 1 month ago, and now had the second mask on melasma areas. I want to use the maintenance cream three times a day still to... READ MORE

Is hyperpigmentation and Melasma the same thing? (photos)

After returning home from vacation in March 2015 I went to my family Dr regarding dry patch on forehead I tried using cream which wasn't working well... READ MORE

Hydroquinone 10% + Kojic acid 4% cream, using from about 16 days, no change in the pigment. Shall I discontinue use?

I have dermal melasma on upper lip and cheeks. There are no side-effects so far apart from temporary redness when i apply the cream. I noticed no... READ MORE

Suggest me good face cream to remove pigmentation on my forehead tan and t zone without hydroquinone and dont suggest Melderm

Hi I had pigmentation on my face for many years and 3 years back I tool Peeling treatment and started using Obagi kit for one year I found awesome... READ MORE

What to do to treat Melasma?

Please help mei use tri luma cream take off it was excellent but when i stop .my melasma get back.what another options i have please ! Or i have to... READ MORE

Please, help me with my horrific melasma. (Photo)

I am disgusted by my face, my malasma is horrible. I have wasted so much money on all kinds of treatments, Triluma, hydroquonine, microdermabrasion,... READ MORE

Simultaneous use of AHA 10% cream and azelaic acid 20%.

I've been using 4% Hydroquinone, vitamin C and 10% AHA cream in AM and 0.05% Retin-A and 4% Hydroquinone again at night. I was told to stop using the... READ MORE

Is using of Dermamelan cream without mask benefitial?

Hi , I had dermamelan mask 7 years ago and was melasma free for 2 years, than it came back. Is using dermamelan cream without mask benefitial?i am... READ MORE

I saw improvements in melasma 1 month after using HQ 10% + Kojic acid 4% + retinoid + steriod cream for 7 weeks . Shall I reuse?

I have dermal melasma which improvment after treatment with before-mentioned cream for 7 weeks. I was very red and peeling all the time on the cream... READ MORE

Pigmanorm cream for 8 months didn't work for my melasma. Now, my doctor wants me to try hydroquinone 4% cream. Can this work?

I used pigmanorm for 8 months, but I wasn't very diligent about sun protection. So, I never wore hat or tried to cover myself, just used the sunscreen... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Chloasma Medicamentosum?

What can be done for my mum who has suffered facial dark Chloasma Medicamentosum for years? I think she got it from prolonged use of hydroquinone... READ MORE

Can I use facial hair bleach cream while using retin a and vitc for melasma?

I have lots of facial hair and want to bleach them regularly. I am using cosmelan maintenance cream too after the mask. Can I use jollen bleach? READ MORE

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