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Can I Mix Hydroquinone with Tretinoin and a Moisturizer?

I have melasma. I know about triluma but my dermatologist gave me 4% hydroquinone gel as well as a tube of 0.025% of tretinoin cream that I want to... READ MORE

Can I use Obagi hydroquinone 4% in conjunction with tri-luma?

I have melasma on my forehead. For the past week I've been using Tri-luma at night, and my skin seems to be tolerating it completely. In fact, I use... READ MORE

How Can I Include the Following Products into my AM and PM Skin Care Regiment?

How can I include the following products into my AM and PM regiment in order to achieve the best effects from each product in treating melasma: (1)... READ MORE

Redness after hydroquinone 10% + kojic acid 4% + tretinoin 1% + steroid cream?

Application area is bright red after the first application only. is this normal? i was told i may experience flaking/peeling of skin but not redness.... READ MORE

I used hydroquinone 10% tretinoin 1% kojic acid and steroid cream once and my face is red two days later

The redness is still there in the application area two days later. I am scared that I have suffered some sideeffect. Derm had told me about flaking... READ MORE

Avene and Retrinal .05 with Nu Derm 5 Blender a good combination?

I have melasma on my face and side of neck. I am 50 and just recently started to notice the spots and fine lines creeping in. Going to dermatologist... READ MORE

Is the mixture (tretinoin 0.1% & azelaic acid 20%) effective in treating melasma?

I have gone through some content that tretion and azelaic acid together can help in lightening the that true.. READ MORE

Can I mix 2 different -2% hydroquinone creams to get 4% strength?

I am asking because the 4% strength is recommended for best results but it's expensive. However if I buy 2-2% hydroquinone creams and mix them... READ MORE

I have suffered from Melasma for a few years now and wanted to know if I can still be treated while staying birth control?

I recently switched from Nuva Ring to Lo Estrin because of the lower estrogen levels. Should I get off BC all together if I really want my melasma to... READ MORE

I was just wondering, is it ok to mix skin care products that target melasma/hyperpigmentation?

My skincare routine consist of PCA's skin pigment bar for cleansing and exfoliation which I use once a day usually at night for 4 days out of the... READ MORE

New treatment for melasma in NY that combines microdermabrasion with nd-yag laser for all skin types, is it worth trying?

The research claims that there was 50% to 95% improvement in all patients with no side-effects and remission lasted at least six months. Is this... READ MORE

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