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Could Melasma Be Stress-Related?

What started off as a small brown spot on my forehead a couple of years ago has now become a large very dark brown square with 2 smudges either side... READ MORE

What Effect Does Sun Exposure Have on Melasma?

While on vacation at my in laws beach house in North Carolina and also while in Antigua I noticed I was getting brown patches that looked like a... READ MORE

Common Triggers of Melasma?

What triggers the appearance of melasma spots? It is sun exposure or purely a genetic disposition? READ MORE

Suggestion for Treatment of Melasma from Pregnancy?

I have tried lightening creams, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion for melasma (brown spots from pregnancy) and nothing is working.... READ MORE

How is Melasma Diagnosed?

How does a dermatologist diagnose melasma? Is a biopsy required? READ MORE

Will TriLuma cream help poiklioderma & melasma?

Have mild melasma & poiklioderma (spelling?) on neck area & was told to use Triluma facial cream. Have researched the cream may cause darkening of... READ MORE

Is this melasma? (Photo)

Hello! I had 3 IPL treatments and the brown spot aren't going away! Is it possible that the brown spots on my cheeks are melasma? I hate my skin! What... READ MORE

I have melasma and brown marks and my skin is dry, irritating and sensitive?

Hello Doctor Am from Lahore Pakistan. I have malesma and brown marks on my face and my neck and my skin is so dry, irritating and sensitive and I... READ MORE

Discovered brown patches on my body after vacation in sun which appear similar to melasma. What is this skin condition? (Photos)

After 5 days sunbathing, I noticed a pink spot on my chest. Once I got back from Mexico, it appeared brown in color & I noticed more on side boob,... READ MORE

Lamprobe Treatment of Skin Tags and Brown Spots?

I visited a spa on Dec. 21 to use a Groupon that I had purchased for Lamprobe treatment of skin tags and brown spots. I was told the brown spots she... READ MORE

After Having a Lamprobe Treatment for Brown Spots, the Spot is Now Red. How Long Will It Stay Red? (photo)

It's difficult to even tell if it worked since the red is so much darker than the brown spot. Thank you :) READ MORE

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