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Melasma Related to Estrogen or Progesterone?

Is melasma particularly related to estrogen or progesterone? i am currently on oral birth control and switching to an IUD READ MORE

Melasma - How to Apply Tretinoin and Hydroquinon Creams

I have melasma on my upper lip due to taking oral contraceptives. I have seen a dermatologist and was prescribed Tretinoin Cream .025% as well as... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take Melasma to Fade Once I Stop Taking Birth Control?

I have never had any problems with melasma before until I started back on bc for accutane. I am 27, have been off both accutane & bc for 2 months,... READ MORE

Melasma Come Back with Sun Exposure?

My melasma is fading since i stopped taking birth control, will it come back if i go into the sun? READ MORE

Will discontinuing the use of my birth control pills fade the Melasma on my upper lip?

Hi I have melisma on my upper lip which is making me not want to leave the house! It gets worse in the sun even though I use high factor sun cream. I... READ MORE

Melasma Treatment for olive tone skin

Problem started after taking doxy & OBCyrs ago. I have the classic butterfly all over cheeks, plus large spots on nose bridge, upper lip, & all over... READ MORE

If melasma is a "lifelong" condition and is never "cured" then why do the articles from the AAD say it USUALLY does?

If melasma is a "lifelong" condition and is never "cured" then why do the articles from the American Academy dermatology and most others you read say... READ MORE

Treatment for Melasma on Hispanic Skin?

My melasma is getting darker and spreading across my face. I stopped taking birth control 5 years ago, used Tri-Luma, tried Obagi twice, wear 60spf... READ MORE

Question about Melasma on Upper Lip?

I'm a 45 year old female. Was on the pill for 6 years. Stopped pill 6 months ago. I have melasma on my forearms. Mild melasma above my upper lip Is... READ MORE

Thiospot for Melasma or TCA Peel?

Hi ive suffered with this for at least 5 years or more and 1 spot in particular on the side of my face seems to get worse.i do have a tanned coloured... READ MORE

Can birth control help Melasma?

I developed Melasma a few years ago when I was not on birth control (never have been) or pregnant. I was very stressed at the time and I think my... READ MORE

Could melasma and hyperpigmentation be caused by birth control?

I have taken ipiil fir birth control and after that i got melasma on my face n hyperpigmntatio, also i was not pregnant i m having my periords... READ MORE

Is taken birth control pills and Plaquenil a cause for Melasma?

Spots are located on my nose, chin, both cheeks and my forehead. The are really dark. 17 years of Plaquenil and all my life with using different birth... READ MORE

2 yrs I use Tretinoin Cream, it hasn't faded the melasma. Is Hydroquinone cancerous? What's the best at home acid to use?(photo)

I am not premenopausal, 38 and on and off birth control since I was 14. I loved the sun since I was a child. I am sicilian, never even had a sunburn.... READ MORE

How to get rid of melasma on Olive Hispanic Skin?

I have tried IPL, chemical peels, hydraquinone, microneedling and laser genesis, and nothing seems to work, if anything it has gotten worse. I started... READ MORE

Is this melasma or sun induced hyperpigmentation? (Photos)

On the first day of my holiday I looked in the mirror and dark dark brown pigmentation was present on my upper lip. Throughout the two weeks beach... READ MORE

Melasma and Going Back on Birth Control Pills

I have been using Hydroquinone 4% for melasma for 1 year now, and had a little fading. At a recent visit to my gynecologist, she suggested going back... READ MORE

Treating Melasma While on Birth Control Pills?

I've been using birth control pills for almost one year now. A few months ago I've noticed this melasma on my nose and a few small spots on my cheeks.... READ MORE

Oral Contraceptives Increase Risks of Developing Melasma?

I have been using oral contraceptives for almost 10 years. About a year ago, I switched to Ortho Tri-cyclen Lo. With the change in weather and being... READ MORE

I have suffered from Melasma for a few years now and wanted to know if I can still be treated while staying birth control?

I recently switched from Nuva Ring to Lo Estrin because of the lower estrogen levels. Should I get off BC all together if I really want my melasma to... READ MORE

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