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How Long Will It Take Melasma to Fade Once I Stop Taking Birth Control?

I have never had any problems with melasma before until I started back on bc for accutane. I am 27, have been off both accutane & bc for 2 months,... READ MORE

Will Fraxel Remove Long-Term Melasma Pigmentaion?

Before the age of 17, I had clear and beautiful skin.Then I started noticing a small dark spot on my upper left cheek, just right below the left... READ MORE

What is Melasma - Condition and Causes?

Being 33 and male, I was diagnosed by my derm as having melasma. I had a chemical peel, picked the scab, and it left a dark mark exactly where the... READ MORE

Additional Treatments for Resistant Melasma & Rosacea Not Responding Variety of Treatments? (photo)

Female-32 years. My treatments: Fraxel Dual x 2: from this worsened Melasma & skin tone & texture significantly changed. 4 IPL- these seemed... READ MORE

How to treat melasma?

I am raju from india i am suffering from melasma from last 3 years my age is 33 how can i cure melasma with less cost please suggest me READ MORE

How can I get rid of my Melasma without having to spend thousands of dollars? (photos)

I am 33 and have been suffering with melasma for over 10 yrs. I am currently pregnant with my third and last child and it's getting worse than it's... READ MORE

Best treatment and skincare for melasma, Millia and sun damage around eyes of 32 year old? (Photo)

I am looking for the best bang for my buck regarding reversing my melasma , sun damage and Millia under my eyes. I've done 1 skin pen and 2 chemical... READ MORE

How should I treat melasma on my skin?

Hi, I am 28 years male. Have beed sufferring from Melasma since last 1 year. I thought it will go off automatically but it still appears on my face.I... READ MORE

Treatment of melasma?

I'm 32 yrs old.ihave 3 sons..after 2nd pregnancy i suffered from melasma and i recieved topical treatment in derma clinic ..initially there was so... READ MORE

What is the most effective treatment for stubborn dark spots/ melasma that's been present for a few years? (photo)

I'm not sure what specifically caused these brown blotches to appear on my face and forehead. Most likely high sun exposure my entire life (26 years).... READ MORE

29 year old, fair skinned female with "melasma" in mustache like distribution. Resistant to topicals and laser! Please help!

Atypical discoloration above upper lip in a mustache like pattern. Grey-ish shadow appearance w/ a blue/green & sometimes reddened hue that blanches.... READ MORE

Melasma - I'm 30+, struggling with Melasma on cheeks for many years and married with no kid.

I have never take birth control pill, work all day in office and always use SPF and umbrella whenever going out. I'm now using Obagi clear 3 (fx) for... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for aging skin, large pores and melasma?

I'm 34 & my skin is a bit looser causing it to look...soft? I've lost volume across my entire face. It makes my pores look huge. I've read peels... READ MORE

I have melasma on my upper cheeks/under eye area, will the omnilux LED machine aggravate this?

I am in my early 30s and seeing lines and wrinkles appearing, I have had the omnilux machine recommended to treat the lines and wrinkles, I am not... READ MORE

Melasma on my face? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 32 year old now, when I was 29 some brown patches are shown on my face specially cheek area and the nose. I have thyroid problem, but i take... READ MORE

Eye hollowness, laugh lines, melasma, sun spots, scarring. What to do? (Photo)

My main concerns are sun spots and melasma on my skin, scarring on my right cheek from Mole removals, hollowness under eyes, leathery skin on upper... READ MORE

Can going off the pill cause Melasma? Tips for eliminating mild hyperpigmentation / melasma.

I was on the pill for many years and took a break from it thinking it would help clear the dark-ish skin on my forehead and above my upper lip. I... READ MORE

Upper Lip (Dermal or Mixede) Melasma

Suffer from upper-lip dermal melasma (not officially diagnosed) since I was a teenager.Didn't really paid much attention to darkening of lip skin... READ MORE

I'm 32 years old and I have melasma on my cheeks. What treatment would you recommend?

I am 32 years old and i have melasma on my cheeks ,i am using melacare creamand melasma is reduced so again in summer it came on my cheeks what to do READ MORE

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