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How Many Melanotan Injections Are Needed?

Im considerin getting some melaotan - 2 injections - but not sure how much i should get being a first timer? READ MORE

Is Melanotan 1 Safe?

I use Melanotan 1. I have been injecting for over 2 weeks now. I do not have any side effects, but have become more tan. READ MORE

Melanotan for Hypopigmentation?

Though I am not sure that I understand the exact effect that the heat from the C02 Laser is having on the melanocytes, it seems that Melanotan might... READ MORE

Does Melanotan 2 give you moles?

I am very fair skinned/freckly and already have 1 or 2 moles(not raised) will melanotan give me more moles or darken ones I already have? I do not tan... READ MORE

Can Using Things Like Self Tanning Pills or Cream To Increse the Melanin in Your Skin?

I heard that using self tanners can increase the melanin production in your skin leaving it a permant slight darker complexion then you started out... READ MORE

How long does the tan last after the injections?

How long does the tan last after the injections? READ MORE

Can Melanotan II (M2) Counteract with Your Psychiatric Treatment if You're on It?

I expect to have the above ? Answered my altimite goal once I dicover if it's save enogh for me will be for me to get a nice everlasting beautiful tan... READ MORE

Where is the safest place to purchase melanotan?

I have found a number of websites but I am not sure who is reputable and who is not. READ MORE

I am interested in getting Information on the efficacy and safety of using injectable melatonin for tanning. Please advise!

I am a Fitzpatrick 2, having had two basal cell spots removed already. I don't tan at all anymore , but my spider veins (that have been treated... READ MORE

How I can get dark skin (almost black)?

The dark skin like African or Brazilian has always been my goal during sunbeds and natural tanning on beach also but I want to know if theres any way... READ MORE

If I take Melanotan, would it make me fail a drug test?

I get tested for drugs like cocaine, extasy mdma, canabis i want to take melanotan for a darker tan but dont want to lose my job if i go for a drug test. READ MORE

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