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Can an Injury to the Pec Area Trigger Gynecomastia?

I was hurt in 2008 at work lifting some heavy stone. I tore my rotator and labrum and had surgery in 2009. I also had a pop in my right pec that went... READ MORE

I'm a 38 year old male and have protruding nipples?

I have protruding nipples and was wondering what surgery or treatment I can do to have them a normal size READ MORE

Can exercise reduce my chest? (photo)

I Dont have that much money for surgery.i am years old and i am trying dumbbells and pushups to reduce chest wiill it work.i am 62 kg.people who have... READ MORE

Post gynecomastia surgery. Should I be doing anything to treat this or just let it take its course? (Photo)

1 month post gyno surgery. I'm curious what went wrong with my surgery and my doctor isn't giving me a good answer. Very conserned how this will look... READ MORE

Feeling like needles punching my chest following gynecomastia. Is that normal?

I am almost 4 months post operation which was liposuction and excision. Still there is a swelling and when the areola is warm, it gets puffy. My chest... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Best treatment? (Photo)

Sir,I am 20 years old student and feel ashamed in between my friends because of my chest .my right side of chest has protruded downward and skin... READ MORE

What is gynecomastia and treatment of gynecomastia problems? (photo)

Gynecomastia problems and treatment and total cost of surgery READ MORE

Can gynecomastia grow bigger with exersice?

Don't want to get rid of man breasts, more interested in getting bigger but only by exersice, no hormones, no surgery, is it possible? And if it can... READ MORE

Regarding testosterone and estrogen hormone content; what treatment should I take?

I have gone through some sort of websites in internet, people were telling like the gynecomastia happening due to the dominent influence of eastrogen... READ MORE

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