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What is the typical recovery time after Gynecomastia Surgery?

I am suffering from gynecomastia. I consulted with my doc he said that it is glandular tissue. READ MORE

How Long Does the Recovery Take from Doing a Gyenocmastia Removal ?

Taking in mind i already did a vaser surgery on for my gynocamstia however the gland is not completely gone , so how long will it take for me to go... READ MORE

When to Get Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Possibley have gynecomastia and am considering a male breast reduction. Is there a standard  one should apply to decide if they really need the... READ MORE

Not satisfied 3 weeks after Gynecomastia surgery, I expected a flat chest. Is it too early to judge? (photo)

A certified comestic surgeon conducted gynecomastia surgery on me approximately 3 weeks ago. He did both liposuction and excistion of the gland. I... READ MORE

Male Donut Lift to Treat Excess Skin Weight Lifting After Surgery?

I had a donut lift to correct my gynecomastia excess skin. The surgeon used both internal and external dissolvable scars. I am curious when can I... READ MORE

5+ Weeks Since Male Breast Liposuction, Still Very Painful, When Will It Stop Hurting?

I had liposuction to my breast area and underarms on May 25, 2012. It is still very painful. It only seems to be marginally better, but not day by... READ MORE

How soon after surgery can I ride my push bike? (Road riding and mountain biking)

Hi, I've had my gynaecomastia surgery with liposuction (mild case) to the chest 8 days ago. What I'm wanting to know is how long will it be before i... READ MORE

Just Had 2 Tiny Gynecomastia Lumps Removed from Under Nipples. When Can I Return to Jogging/training?

I just had 2 small lumps (gynecomastia) removed from under my nipples and I was wondering when it would heal, and when I could return to jogging and... READ MORE

How long will I have to wait between initial consultation and actually getting my gynecomastia surgery?

I have a consultation for gynecomastia at the University of Michigan Hospital on 4/16. I've been experiencing some pain in my chest, and the glands... READ MORE

Single nipple reduction - cost?

Hi, I am a male looking to reduce the length of a single nipple. The areola does not require additional work. How much should I expect the procedure... READ MORE

How Long After Gynecomastia Does it Take for Nipple Swelling to go Down and Return to Normal Size? (photos)

Hi ,. today's my 3 months ago for Breast reduction operation but i see some swelling this can remove with while ? i still feel ashamed about this... READ MORE

I've had gynecomastia surgery and bilateral liposuction and don't see any big difference. Is it too soon to start stressing?

Hi I have had liposuction around my abdomen and gynecomastia surgery around about a month ago to be precise, now I look at my self and see no big... READ MORE

How Long After Gynecomastia Can I Began Working Out My Chest?

Its been a month and a couple days since my gynecomastia surgery, im back to playing sports and working out my abs arms and legs , can i start my... READ MORE

I have Grade 2A Gynecomastia and would like to know how many weeks it will take me to go to gym? (photos)

How big is grade 2A gynecomastia , what lab test do you suggest for me ? Do i go for testosterone test ? Doctor said he will only remove gland no... READ MORE

Is there a law that won't allow a surgeon to check another surgeon's patient during his/her post op period???

Went to get a second opinion on my 1 month post op procedure. The surgeon wouldn't see me because she said I was still in the post op timeframe(... READ MORE

Is it OK to begin lifting weights 6 weeks after gynecomastia surgery?

My husband had gynocomastia surgery 5 days ago, he is wondering if at 6 weeks can he begin lifting weights or should he still take it easy for a... READ MORE

Compression dressing removal.

I had my gynecomastia surgery yesterday,they put compression dressing and elastic garment,what is the best time to shower,should i take off the... READ MORE

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