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Which Gynecomastia Technique for a Thin Male?

I am getting gynecomastia surgery. Which is better for a thinly built person? Removing fat by manually cutting it out versus liposuction. The extra... READ MORE

Can Slim Lipo Get Rid of my Gyno? (photo)

I am a bodybuilder so the tissue I have is not very fatty. I have that hard tissue behind the nipple. Some doctors are performing Slim Lipo but how do... READ MORE

Gynecomastia Surgery and Incision Issues? (photo)

Hi Doctors; 150 lbs weight loss. I am considering having a Gynecomastia very soon. I went to the doctor and he said that he would have incision... READ MORE

Can This Gynecomastia Be Treated Up to a Normal Cheat Level Without Many Scars? Do I Have a 3rd Option? (photo)

I saw 1st Dr 7 months ago he said he can't treat me in one go, as I have excess fat. So in lost 7mths I reduced 7kg to 76 kg (from 83, for 5.4 Ft)... READ MORE

In Case Some Form of Skin Excision is Required. How Many Different Techniques Are There? (photo)

In case some form of skin excision is required. How many different techniques on how to excise the skin is there?. If skin excision = will have a scar... READ MORE

Is this doctor's technique okay for gynecomastia surgery?

Please click the following youtube link. i like how he is avid with removing all the breast tissue because i still hate the idea of being a man and... READ MORE

Is Vaser Lipo Ideal for Big Gynecomastastia? (photo)

What advantage does vaser lipo have over other types. What do you recommend? READ MORE

Extreme Gynocemastia Correction Techniques?

Hello, I had 4 surgical consults recently and while they all agree what I need for my lower body, they differ on fixing my breast/back area. I was... READ MORE

Would this gynecomastia technique help? (Photo)

I scheduled an appointment for a surgery, excision and liposuction combined. My doc said he will make two incisions of 5 ml on both sides of each... READ MORE

Why is the periareolar keyhole method not used on larger chested men? (Photo)

The purse string suture is one of the better methods for the closure of cutaneous, rounded surgical wounds in the surgical world. The typical male... READ MORE

Gynecomastia surgery through nipples only?

I just had my GYNO operation 3 days ago. My doctor removed the glands and excess fat only through incision in my nipples. Is that good technique? I... READ MORE

Is there a technique to reduce Gynecomastia that most doctors on here don't mention?

I had another consultation. This time to surgeon said it's possible by making an incision within the nipple area and suturing underneath the skin will... READ MORE

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