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Male Breast Reduction Pill

What Treatments Are Available for Gynecomastia? I know Gynecomastia surgery is the option for reducing male breast. But i have read about Gynexin... READ MORE

Can gynecomastia be caused by taking supplements? What other side effects might I be facing?

I started taking Opti-men in 10/28/2015 and ended in 04/26/2016, when I read in newspaper, that in town, where I bought it, food inspectors found it... READ MORE

Can I use supplements like fat burners and proteins 3 months after the surgery for severe gynecomastia? (Photo)

I had severe gynecomastia for last 10 years with a lot of loose skin. So I dec to go for gynecomastia surgery(gland) I'm 3 months post op now but... READ MORE

tell me how to go about this gynecomastia? any supplements or operation?

I am 25 and want to remove this gland which is really embarrassing me...I consulted a doctor..he said get operated but consult with the family first... READ MORE

Would gynecomastia that appeared out of a sudden diminish over time, or is surgery needed?

One year ago, I started take Creatine supplement. 5 Months later, I developed a breast tissue (most probably glandular, not fatty) for my weight was... READ MORE

Can I use a supplement to cure gynecomastia?

They started show in up when I was like 14. I did found some pills that claim to cure gynecomastia, and I want to know If the product is effective and... READ MORE

Developing scar tissue after Gynecomastia.

I went to my doctor to ask why there is apparent swelling in the right side of chest. After examining he said there is fibrosis -scar tissue.Gave me... READ MORE

I'm having gynecomastia removed in the fall & want to maximize my results by conditioning the skin and body. Any suggestion?

I am planning on starting to apply Tretonin to the skin area now so that I have a few months for it to work improving my skin. I am also supplimenting... READ MORE

Approximately 2.5 months post op for mild bodybuilder gyno surgery and I am still having puffy nipples. Is this normal? (photo)

Basically, i had gyno from taking some supplements i definitely shouldn't have back in the day and decided to have it surgically removed. The "ball"... READ MORE

Can I work out after gynecomastia with liposuction in the lower abdomen.

Can I resume back to workouts in gym or to jog and drop my weight and resume back to gym. Can I take protein supplements for working out in gym? READ MORE

I had gynecomastia surgery. How much do you think my skin will contract also will I require a skin reduction surgery? (photo)

I had severe gynecomastia from past 10 years I had a surgery (gland +lipo)5 weeks back and I still have a lot of excess skin around my chest. Will... READ MORE

What are the nutritional requirements before gynecomastia surgery? (photo)

My gynecomastia surgery is next week. Should I take iron supplements, for example, to aid my blood? Or vitamin C to help my immune system? Etc. I... READ MORE

I still have puffy nipples after gynocomastia surgery. What can I do now?

I developed gynocomastia using pro hormone supplements back in high school (bad choice I know that now) and lived with it for a few years but had it... READ MORE

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