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Affordable Gynecomastia Surgery Offered at a Teaching Hospital: Good Idea?

There is a teaching hospital in my city which offers affordable plastic surgery, where I had a consultation with a resident who I really liked. If I... READ MORE

Risk of Sunken Chest Following Gynecomastia? (photo)

Hello doctors. My name is Jean, 19 year old gynecomastia surgery patient. I had the surgery 3/6/2012 so is extremely recent and i know final results... READ MORE

How Bad Would Weight Loss Affect Post Gyneo Results Be, in Attempt to Loose More for TT? (photo)

I'm going to have BiLat Gynecomastia with nipple graft and skin excised & upper body arm/lift and later a panni. I have lost about 80lbs but... READ MORE

Gynecomastia; Does the pull-through method reduce the risk of nerve damage to this area?

Hello, I am a 41 year old male with mild gynecomastia of the "puffy nipples" type. Retaining nipple sensation is important to me. Does the... READ MORE

Are there complications such as dying nipples/necrosis with a free nipple graft? (Photo)

I had a chest Lipo and now need skin reductions. Two surgeons I met said I'd benefit from a male chest reduction and repositioning of the nipples via... READ MORE

Masturbating 4 days after gynecomastia surgery? Is there any harm?

Hello, I had my surgery 4 days ago (liposuction only) and I woke up today feeling really great. My doctor told me no sex for 2 weeks but I'm wondering... READ MORE

I'm 26, 5ft 9, 167lbs. Is male breast reduction risky, and how much would it cost? (Photo)

My problem started when I was 15 year i uesd to be 105 kg and I decided to be healthy and a athelest, since then I played sport football (soccer) ,... READ MORE

Could I have a male breast reduction, and exercise afterwards? (Photo)

I have a problem of men boobs.pls give me solution to reduce it.if the solution is surgery then is there any problem if i do gym after surgery or any... READ MORE

Is there a risk of permanent deflated look disfigurement after gynecomastia / mastectomy surgery? (photos)

1 week ago. I realize this is way too soon for me to make any assessments, but I'm really concerned. Please advise away. 1- The ariola incision was... READ MORE

I had sex 5 days after my gyno surgery, and 1 cigarette. Will I be ok?

Ok im 5 days after my surgery and I had sex and have smoked one cigarette it just happened I didn't plan on it happening until 2 weeks after surgery... READ MORE

Is revision gynecomastia for gland excision more risky than the initial operation?

I am 9 months post op and one nipple is puffy while the other is flat. My doctor said he can fix this under loca anesthesia but my question is it more... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove all breast tissue?

I've had a consultation for my gynecomastia today and they said that they would remove all of the breats tissue. They said that the risk of a "crater"... READ MORE

Suffering 4m gyno. Can this surgery be performed w/o lipo? How much risk does only gland excision carry? Any reported deaths?

As LIPO involves DVT and PE I don't want to undergo liposuction. After bringing my body fat index down to 12% range i hope I'll be left with only... READ MORE

Loose chest skin surgery? How much will it cost? How bad wil scars be? Potential risks?

Hi im 19 years old and I had Male breast reduction over a year ago and my right chest turned out great but unfortunately my left chest sags when I... READ MORE

About gynecomastia, is there any harm in the future like breast cancer or anything?

Hello My name is faizul and i m 24 years old, i have one sided gynecomastia, last 10 year can you please tell me is there any harm in future like... READ MORE

Are there any surgeries for male breast reduction that minimize the risk of loss of nipple sensation? (photos)

Ive lost about 100 pounds and am now looking to do something about the loose skin and fat on my chest and abdomen. Are there any options for treating... READ MORE

I had gynaecomastia surgery 2 weeks ago. Why is it not safe to travel? Can I wax the area yet?

Surgery Included both glandular removal via a cut under the areola and liposuction using 3 small cuts on both sides. I've been recommended to not... READ MORE

I have had gyno for about 10 years on one chest, does it pose a health risk for me?

I have had gyno on my left chest for about 10 years now. Never had it examined by a doctor. Kind of diagnosed it myself with the help of the internet.... READ MORE

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