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Do All The Gynecomastia Surgeries Need Gland Removal and Liposuction? Can It Be Gland Removal Only?

Well , i went to a surgeon we made tests and ultrasounds on both breasts , and yes i have gynecomastia , he said that he will do gland removal , my... READ MORE

Will Results Be Satisfying if I Keep the Gland Tissue and Only Remove Fat?

I have Grade 2 Gynecomastia. My situation warrants the removal of glandular tissue through a small incision in addition to some fat via lipo. However,... READ MORE

Will I Get Good Results Removing Only Man Breast Tissue Without Liposuction?

Hi i am a young male who is not obese or anything at all and my doctor recently said i would benefit from a male gynocamastea surgery. what i would... READ MORE

Can I Personally Remove Gynecomastia Liquid Built Up in my Chest 4 Years After Surgery?

Its been about 4 years since I had the surgery. There is still some liquid build up in a little pocket under my skin. I've gotten it taken out... READ MORE

Is good result achieved only through gland removal in gynecomastia but no liposuction ? (photo)

I went to my surgeon he told me that he will remove gland but not perform liposuction on it because it will cause more blood clot and will perform it... READ MORE

So 3 Days After my Gynecomastia Surgery my PS Had the Nurse Remove the Stitches, is This Normal? (photo)

Hi PS's so I had my Gyno surgery done last Thursday, today I went back to see my PS and he had the nurse remove the stitches ... as she was removing... READ MORE

How Long Until Hematoma Heals After Gland Removal?

Well i did vaser lipo for my gynecomastia , then after 4 months the results were good but not good enough , so the doctor offered doing gland removal... READ MORE

4 months post op. How bad is my gynecomastia? (Photo)

So I'm 4months post op now and it just seems full to me still and still has that pointy look through a tshirt. It looks a lot better then before but... READ MORE

Just had male breast reduction 2 days ago but I have a dip - is this normal? (Photo)

Hi I've just had gyno surgery with a well respected surgeon. I had lipo and gland removal (he says he removed 4cm and 5cm respectively). I noticed the... READ MORE

I'm 36 yrs old male. Is it possible to remove the gland tissue with local anesthesia for Male Breast Reduction? (photos)

Would like to inform you that , I'm man 36 years old , I'm suffering from breast about 20 years , and diabetic second degree and blood pressure , and... READ MORE

Can gynecomastia grow after removing pressure garment??! Would I need a Benelli Donut Mastopexy?? (photos)

Chest liposuction done to treat gynecomastia( 400 cc of fat aspirated each side). Surgeon said there was no gland during surgery. I'm two months post... READ MORE

Uneven chest 5 months after surgery (photo)

Feel like gland was completely removed on one side and not the other want to have same dr fix it READ MORE

Should glands be completely removed for Second Gynecomastia surgery?

I will be looking to get my second gynecomastia surgery. Workout supplement induced, never had it growing up. Since the glands weren't removed... READ MORE

I have a keloid: can I still get the gland removed? (Photo)

Hi , i have keloid scare in my chest , for around 7 or 8 years it was smaller and i noticed its grow , i do have gynocomastia to or man boobs , so its... READ MORE

Loose side chest skin. Do you think I am a candidate for skin removal surgery? (Photo)

I had gynecomastia surgery 4 weeks today. What kind of improvements should i be seeing now. My chest doesn't look that much different to me. Right now... READ MORE

Is Gynecomastia surgery possible while on two week vacation to Florida? (photo)

Hi, I live in the UK and I have had quiet bad Gynecomastia for a number of years now. I am due to be in Florida @ the end of April through to Mid May.... READ MORE

One year after Gynocomstia surgery with both glandular removal and liposuction, is this as good as it gets? (photos)

I have not been very happy with results from my gynocomastia surgery. My surgeon did glandular removal and lipo together. Six months after I even went... READ MORE

Which grade of gynecomastia is this? Does it required liposuction + gland removal or only removal is sufficient?? (photo)

I am suffering from gynecomastia , does surgery to treat my gyno require liposuction + gland removal or only gland removal is sufficient? READ MORE

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